Zong Qinghou said, Ma you play virtual; the prime minister said: the shop is the real economy, the two of you shake hands

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Zong Qinghou said, Ma you play virtual; the prime minister said: the shop is the real economy, the two of you shake hands

2017-01-10 00:12:40 253 ℃

2017 is coming, along with two years of "gift": one is shrouded in the haze of more than half of China, one is Zong Qinghou and the virtual reality of the economic argument for the.

The haze of light a bit, not scattered, the famous real dispute, but can spread -- the terminator is the premier Li Keqiang, for the first time in the 2017 executive meeting of the State Council, Li Keqiang set the tone of "actual battle".

Premier Li Keqiang warned that the real economy is a relative to the concept of virtual economy, not only includes manufacturing, but covers the 123 industry. Shop is the 'new economy', but directly led to the sale of the entity factory; courier industry as a 'new economy' on behalf of the same not only stimulate consumption and promote production. These typical new economic sectors, in fact, are 'producer services', are serving the real economy, but also part of the real economy.

Two big brother controversy, why alerted the State Council? The reason is very simple, from a micro perspective, the enterprise development model of the dispute, from the macro view, but it is a big problem in the choice of national economic road.

The Internet is not virtual.

Christmas broadcast of CCTV financial channel "dialogue" program, guests recently proposed for Ma Zong "new retail, new manufacturing, new technology, new financial resources and new" means "in addition to the new technology, the other is nonsense". Also said that the virtual economy to make the real economy mess.

Four days later, Ma Yun attended the ten annual conference of Zhejiang chamber of Commerce in Jiangsu province ", to take the initiative to talk about the real economy and the virtual economy of the dispute," said enterprises do not have the physical and virtual points, only good and bad business enterprise ", under the background of new era," the impact of the Internet is not you, is conservative the idea of lazy, don't want to learn out of you, is opinionated out of you."

Two business chiefs tit for tat, right and wrong in the end?

Or to speak with the facts: Today Wahaha cannot do without the so-called virtual economy.

Wahaha official website has called "Zong Qinghou: the introduction of foreign advanced technology, to high-end manufacturing forward" report, in the report, Zong Qinghou introduced Wahaha's transformation and upgrading "the intelligent development based on a high degree of automation. Recently, in contact with the return of overseas robots from the domestic R & D team and overseas robot manufacturing enterprises, ready to build robot enterprise groups, and vigorously develop the robotics industry."

The so-called robot is behind, artificial intelligence and data analysis, which is one of the technical ability of Alibaba group, also said that although Mr Zong spoken "virtual economy" the real economic impact of the out of order, but the artificial intelligence of the Wahaha so-called "virtual economy", as the representative of the advanced productive forces.

Turn back to say Ali, Ali's main business is referred to Li Keqiang shop". Li Keqiang said, now, a lot of shop orders directly to the factory, customized production, also led to the development of a large number of manufacturing plants."

Indeed, Taobao and Tmall sales in the millions of products, whether it is commodity 9 wallet mail, Internet or hundreds of thousands of cars, are made from real economy production.

2016 double 11 Tmall double turnover of up to $11 in fiscal year (April 1, 2015 - March 31, 2016) Ali electricity supplier turnover (GMV) exceeded $3 trillion, 3 trillion of the products, stimulating the development of the manufacturing industry in. If there is no electricity supplier channels to help manufacturing sales, revenue, profit, the 3 trillion Trading Volume upstream manufacturing enterprises, how benign and sustainable operation?

Li Keqiang's conversation, specifically referred to the world's largest offline retailer WAL-MART. WAL-MART and other large supermarkets have changed in the past, the Retail Store procurement model, directly to the manufacturers to purchase a large number of low price orders, greatly driven the development of the real economy."

And Zong criticized the attitude of the Internet economy is different, said Fu Xiaoming, vice president of WAL-MART China, the Internet and the development of new technologies for traditional retailers, which means an opportunity, rather than an impact. In the Internet era, there is no pure traditional retailers, and focus on the customer experience of the electricity supplier, will not only stick to the Internet and mobile internet."

Fu Xiaoming said, WAL-MART is doing, WAL-MART is the first to embrace the Internet giant, WAL-MART in 1987 built the world's largest unofficial satellite information exchange system for logistics management, inventory, WAL-MART currently operates in 11 countries worldwide e-commerce business in 2012, WAL-MART was increase to the 1st shop, holding 51%.

So, Zong Qinghou on the real economy and the virtual economy division, actually neglected the development of the times, the real economic limitations in industrial and agricultural fields, however, as Li Keqiang said, "the shop is" new economy ", but directly to the entity factory sales; the typical of the new economy industries, are in fact" producer services ", is for the service of the real economy, but also a part of the real economy.

In fact, Ali and does not exclude the so-called real economy cooperation, Ali is the current location of the Internet "China infrastructure providers" and "living in a multi ecological platform", to accomplish this goal, it is necessary to embrace the real economy.

Ma Yun said that the economy is not the actual situation, only good or bad points. How to divide good or bad?

First, from the market level, whether to meet the needs of consumers and the market, the most objective consumers, they vote with their feet, the rapid growth of the volume of transactions in recent years, Ali is the best answer.

Second, from the national level, look at tax, look at employment. In 2014 the news that 29 years, Wahaha has accumulated the taxes paid 47 billion 800 million. The group of ants and ant group in 2016, the total tax 23 billion 800 million yuan, driven by the platform to pay at least $200 billion, creating a job opportunity of 30 million.

Third, the level of the natural environment, whether to bring pollution, the real economy is not good, at least those that produce haze, pollution of the environment, let the blue sky and white clouds, green mountains and rivers disappeared high polluting enterprises, even the real economy, but also the elimination and closing.

Debate on development model

High temple, rivers and lakes, Zong Qinghou and Ma Yun argue, why in caused widespread concern, even the prime minister himself to personally set the tone?

The prime minister is not talking about the business model, talking about the Chinese economy under the new normal, how to achieve sustainable development. In fact, Li Keqiang and Zhongnanhai executives, in the tone before, give the answer.

March 5, 2015, Li Keqiang in the two sessions on the government work report for the first time put forward China made 2025 grand plan. The goal is to 2025, the focus of the manufacturing sector to achieve a comprehensive intelligent, pilot demonstration projects to reduce operating costs by 50%, the production cycle is shortened by 50%, the rate of defective products decreased by 50%.

This meeting, Li Keqiang once again stressed the importance of the development of the new economy, "to continue to eliminate backward production capacity at the same time, based on innovation driven, promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, relying on the" 2025 China manufacturing "," Internet plus "and to promote the traditional industry towards high-end, promote the upgrading of economic entity."

In the world, on how to choose the path of development, but also can learn from the case, we can see through the Pacific Ocean, projected to Silicon Valley.

The famous Silicon Valley, the area is not a matter of fact, is located between San Francisco and San Jose, a 30 mile long, 10 mile wide strip.

However, relying on the innovation economy, the economy of Silicon Valley in California has reached 2 trillion and 500 billion U.S. dollars, more than France to become the world's sixth largest economy.

California's Ministry of finance is very proud to say that in 2015, California's GDP grew by 4.1%, more than the U.S. national growth rate of 2.4%, and France's growth rate of 1.1%.

In the world's 10 largest companies, there are 4 in Silicon Valley and its vicinity, including Google parent company Alphabet and Facebook.

The development path of Silicon Valley is the economic, political and environmental win-win pattern. I have been to Silicon Valley three times, not the steep Pacific Coast Ranges stretching into the sight of San Francisco Bay, slightly salty sea breeze sent to clear the air, blue sky 100 cloud, green grass, all kinds of high-tech enterprises is hidden in the deep shade.

The success of the Silicon Valley model has brought some inspiration - fortunately, China's Internet giants are catching up with the Silicon Valley model.

United States, New York Times reported in August last year, Silicon Valley has been hailed as the world's capital of science and technology, while China is always considered to follow the footsteps of Silicon Valley, but this is not the case. The Venmo became the 00 after the transfer application software before, whether everyone is invested, Chinese with electronic wallet in intelligent mobile phone payments and shopping. Last year, China Mobile terminal to pay more than the United states. On the scale, China's largest Internet Co is the only one in the world to compete with American companies.

This means that Li Keqiang put forward the new model of economic development, not only to stay in the top level advocacy and policy documents, in reality has profoundly improved the existing economic structure, therefore, Li Keqiang's tone is not to predict and forecast the future, but the objective summary of the current economic development mode, "a lot" circulationpromotion production "revolutionary changes in human history. The new kinetic energy is inseparable from the traditional kinetic energy! The new economy, new energy not only gave birth to the new technology, new formats, also in promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, life."

The next 5-10 years, China's GDP will surpass the United States to become the world's largest market, which is a huge bonus for the development of the new economy, but on the other hand, China's economy has entered a new normal slowdown. In the domestic market, how to respond to the huge dividend of consumer upgrades, how in the global market, access to competitive advantage, the economic strength of the world's largest economy?

This is a critical crossroads, so Li Keqiang's tone, is in the confusion of the intersection, erected a point to clear direction, pointing to the distance, the future development strategy is not a business, but the future development path of ten years twenty years Chinese establishment.