Millet 6 release precursor: key configuration and then exposed, the new spokesperson tomorrow unveiled

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Millet 6 release precursor: key configuration and then exposed, the new spokesperson tomorrow unveiled

2017-01-11 00:25:09 107 ℃

In this series of orthodox millet flagship mobile phone has entered into the millet 6 times, according to the previous rules, we will be able to see the same price of 1999 yuan in the millet mobile phone, and the latest generation of flagship Qualcomm processor.

After the official release of Qualcomm snapdragon 835 processor, there are industry rumors, millet in the domestic first 835 Xiaolong 6 will, while Samsung S8 will obtain more Xiaolong 835 processor supply in the early stage, the specific results seem a few months can be seen.

According to friends broke the news that micro-blog @ sample, millet 6 will have two versions, respectively, to screen and a curved screen version, of which 1999 yuan version need to panic buying, curved screen version of 2499 yuan do not need to panic buying, but they are also equipped with Xiaolong 835 processor.

Memory, millet 6 and no radical use of the current maximum capacity of 8GB deposit, the top version is still shipped with 6GB, and there will not be a dual camera. Before millet 6 run leaked screenshot shows, the 21 very high grades, has beat equipped with apple A10 processor iPhone Plus top 7.

In the configuration, most of the news said, millet will launch a curved screen version of the millet mobile phone this year, which is also in the Note2 after second millet millet mobile phone screen surface, if the price really is 2499 yuan, then with Xiaolong 835 processor, its price is also very high.

Today, an official from the millet micro-blog said that after the first four mobile phone spokesperson (Tony Leung, Wu Xiubo, Liu Shishi, Liu Haoran), Millet's next spokesperson will also be announced tomorrow. From the previous point of view of the law, often in heavy product release, millet will be invited to speak for the new star.

Low profile for nearly a month, but recently frequent exposure to mobile phone configuration, the new spokesperson is also about to debut, it seems that the official release of millet 6 is not far away.

According to micro-blog pictures on a broken sculpture, and other micro-blog millet message, voice should be a smashing artist, has a pivotal position in the world of art. You can also reply to the message, you talk about the millet new spokesperson speculation, tomorrow officially announced, the first guess can get a small da.

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