Windows 10 release: system update can finally be closed

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Windows 10 release: system update can finally be closed

2017-01-11 00:25:26 305 ℃

2017 Windows 10 the first heavy version of the update Build 15002 earlier today for Insider fast user push, which added more interface improvements and new features. User Tucao automatically update function can be turned off.

In the past, Windows 10 are timed to automatically check, download, install system updates, Microsoft said it was to allow the user to keep the system at any time the latest, more secure. But users do not buy it, suddenly jumped out of the update installation interface and restart the computer for daily use undoubtedly caused interference.

I believe a lot of people see the sudden jump out of the interface will have a kind of impulse to break the computer

In Windows Build 15002, Microsoft has added a new option for the Windows Update, allowing users to disable the Windows update up to 35 days, although not completely closed, but also can reduce the number of "harassment".

Need to emphasize is that,This feature can only be used in professional, educational and Enterprise Edition Windows 10.

At the same time, the three versions of the Windows 10 system users can also check the system update to choose whether or not to download and install the driver update.