Meizu Bai Yongxiang: most cattle 10nm chip may be MediaTek, Qualcomm new machine and so on and so on!

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Meizu Bai Yongxiang: most cattle 10nm chip may be MediaTek, Qualcomm new machine and so on and so on!

2017-01-11 00:29:13 290 ℃

Android China January 10th news, today held a media communication Meizu will be held in 2017, in addition to the official Meizu announced in 2016 sales of mobile phones reached 22 million units, but also revealed more information.

Not long ago, Meizu and Qualcomm reached a settlement agreement, according to the terms of the agreement, Qualcomm awarded worldwide Meizu development, manufacturing and sales of CDMA2000, WCDMA and 4G LTE (including the "three model" of GSM, TD-SCDMA and LTE-TDD) terminal to pay patent licensing. Meizu in China should pay the patent fees and Qualcomm to People's Republic of China national development and Reform Commission, the terms of the rectification measures submitted by the same.

At the meeting, said Bai Yongxiang, President of Qualcomm, and Qualcomm's settlement is based on the principle of equality, the results of the satisfaction of the board of directors of the satisfaction of the settlement, the two sides are also recognized for the results of the agreement. When participants want to know the details of the Meizu and Qualcomm agreement, vice president of Meizu Li Nan said that at present can not disclose the details of the agreement with Qualcomm, because each may not be the same.

When it comes to MediaTek processor, Bai Yongxiang said, now who do not know the strongest 10nm chip will appear in which, 10nm (processor) is the most likely to be mediatek."

Interestingly, after the high pass at the CES 2017 Conference on display at the annual flagship Xiaolong 835 chip shelling MediaTek and HUAWEI: 10nm chip MediaTek and Qualcomm, Hass Snapdragon 835 completely not on the same level, not to mention competitors. The number of the main battlefield of the core processor chip has intelligent mobile phone is not CPU, not 10 than 8 nuclear nuclear, nuclear importance number is lower in the high image quality, now requires AR, VR function, high order chip manufacturers have the ability to make GPU, ISP, DSP technology and customer differentiation the system of the.

At the meeting, the official also revealed that the new machine will be equipped with Qualcomm processor will be released in the fourth quarter of 2017 the fastest, it seems Meizu takes some time to polish Qualcomm processor. Previously broke the news, Meizu will release a new machine called the charm blue M in December this year, the machine may be equipped with 625 Xiaolong 626 processor.

In the communication field, Li Nan announced that the 2017 conference will cut the number, this also means that Meizu will streamline the product line, but Li Nan did not disclose that Meizu is part of the product line to cut mobile phone or mobile phone charm blue. The China Mobile statistics in October 2016 mobile phone brand monthly traffic accounted for more than 1G report shows that after 30% Meizu apple, ranked in the top second.

Now the surface of the display appears in many manufacturers of high-end mobile phone, dual lens mobile phone is also very popular, Meizu also said it would consider releasing curved screen mobile phone, and dual camera too, but these will only be equipped in the high-end mobile phone meizu.

2016 Meizu achieved profitability, the official said the reason for the profitability of the Flyme store advertising revenue is high, the company cut operating costs, and improve inventory management control, and ultimately increase the gross profit. Meizu founder Huang Zhang said, the company will do, honest to do marketing.