Dong Mingzhu's GREE mobile phone, not only to buy the internal staff, the phone is not to eat rice

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Dong Mingzhu's GREE mobile phone, not only to buy the internal staff, the phone is not to eat rice

2017-01-11 00:32:30 759 ℃

Many women have regarded Dong Mingzhu as one of the idols of independence, after all, many of the remarks of Dong Mingzhu, have been recognized by everyone, but also the chairman of GREE. In addition, Dong Mingzhu has been moving towards the direction of the media, its personal fame is also growing.

Don't talk about Dong Mingzhu in other achievements, intelligent mobile phone, Dong Mingzhu did not succeed, whether it is GREE mobile phone or mobile phone GREE 1 generation, 2 generation, which are from Samsung, HUAWEI, apple, millet, vivo, OPPO and so far, even many people never heard of GREE mobile phone.

Recently, there is news that GREE internal on the use of GREE mobile phone notification of the message: according to the spirit of the meeting of cadres, after the Spring Festival, all employees need to use GREE phones, please pay close attention to the implementation of. Although the relevant person in charge explained that the final, GREE mobile phone is just a kind of welfare, this is a kind of welfare, not to deduct or other. This is also the company advocates and motivate employees, to set an example, use their own products." To tell the truth, do you believe this?

Moreover, GREE employees must have their own smart mobile phone GREE mobile phone, even as the year-end welfare can be where it is worth money to practice? To know GREE phone itself is not prominent, even if the employees are in urgent need of mobile phone products, there is no need to use GREE ah, but also the two generation of GREE or the price of 3300, converted into money, then it is the real deal.

It seems that Dong Mingzhu's GREE mobile phone, has been relying on public opinion in support of this, the other side, no news. Does this also invited Wang Jianlin Montana such help? It is obviously not possible, GREE intelligent mobile phone and all star machine is actually the same, but to catch GREE and Dong Mingzhu aura, unfortunately, intelligent mobile phone competition is too intense, rely on the aura can't win.

OneGREE mobile phone wrong where?

Compared with apple, Samsung, HUAWEI, millet, vivo, OPPO etc. these products, GREE in building sales channels is very stingy, two channels only users in line to buy into, one is the PC side of the GREE mall, GREE mobile phone WeChat two is the micro mall public number inside. Note that this is just the purchase channels, if the purchase of user experience, either the interface or the UI, all the ugly heinous, a strong taste of the last century, unlike the twenty-first Century product that pays attention to the external beauty.

Here is to say that the GREE phone is wrong, where is wrong? Wrong in the sales channels of the above construction, any products have to be sold, there will be people to buy Tmall,, Jingdong, the three major electricity supplier platform above, had no way to buy GREE's mobile phone, Dong Mingzhu is too much self-confidence, users will be free to buy GREE mall? GREE still disdain with Tmall, Jingdong, three major business platform cooperation?

Apple, Samsung, HUAWEI, millet, vivo, OPPO, which is not like Tmall, Jingdong, three business platform close relationship is not easy, certainly not stingy to even open a flagship store are reluctant to spend?

HUAWEI, millet, vivo, OPPO mobile phone success, are benefiting from the channel, there are a large number of people to help their sales of smart phones, but GREE mobile phone? Only my own world One loves what is his own., completely, no channel when partners, only people with food, GREE mobile phone is a chance not?

TwoKeep updating is king

In addition to the sales of GREE mobile phone to a mishap, now is the two generation of GREE, we see GREE two generation mobile phone configuration 6 inches 2K screen, equipped with quad core processor (Xiaolong 820), built-in 4GB RAM+64GB ROM storage combination, 8 million front +1600 megapixel main camera, equipped with a 4000mAh battery, running Android 6.0.1 system. To tell the truth, whether it is HUAWEI, millet, vivo, OPPO which a new flagship configuration, are stronger than this.

GREE mobile phone sales because the end is not GREE, naturally it is difficult to obtain the above advantages of the supply chain, supply chain partners is also very difficult to pay attention to the GREE mobile phone, which leads to problems in the mobile phone, GREE update on.

How many people can love the old machine? Obviously are more than 3 thousand, why not buy a new model, but to buy a never heard of GREE mobile phone, in case of bad, where to guarantee it?

ThreeHard drawn internal staff, want to play "high"

GREE mobile phone most people Tucao is hard pull employees, actually more than once broke, GREE let employees use GREE mobile phone, and we look at the above email that the news is very subtle, whether mandatory or non mandatory, should by their leaders have the final say we, outsiders can not do that.

GREE mobile phone "isolation", rather "high" taste, but to understand is that a GREE mobile phone, not so good, two, the world is as early as the user is king, three, friends who are very active, where the wheels are GREE mobile phone play "high" in here?

Moreover, GREE mobile phone and not what is their own core technology, by Dong Mingzhu and GREE's name, not enough to say that there is too much trouble to buy. Play the phone, or have to learn, HUAWEI, millet, vivo, OPPO these home-made machine.