No longer afraid of lost passwords, password safe technology has emerged

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No longer afraid of lost passwords, password safe technology has emerged

2017-01-11 00:34:33 225 ℃

A true story, to the effect that there is a buddy, a treasure landing and payment passwords are stolen, but the thief finally to spend money, was intercepted, and then the account is limited. The thief is very depressed, holding the key in his hand, but can not open the door of the safe.

Early this morning, a lot of people were scared by such a message:

Hundred acquaintances can get rid of your Alipay password! You enter a friend's Alipay account, select the forgot password, just know a friend recently bought what, or who are friends, there may be security issues through verification, to retrieve your password, login into other Alipay accounts.

Alipay was quick to respond, it is:

1, do not panic, even if you use this method to find friends, but also landing password, not to pay the password

2, has been upgraded, this method can only find their own password on your phone

The safety of funds, no problem, don't worry about it.

Why are people so nervous about this? Very simple, we feel that the password is lost, is ah, password = Alipay security, how can people change the password so easily!

However, there is a password = safe, password lost = unsafe? I have interviewed a safe Daniel, said the following, may subvert your perception.

Someone told me a true story, said it was a man, a treasure landing and payment password are stolen, but when the thief finally to spend money, then the account was blocked, limiting the right. The thief is very depressed, holding the key in his hand, but can not open the door of the safe.

The reason for the interception is that the risk score of the transaction is too high (1 points):

The use of equipment, the location, the use of Alipay's habits and consumer preferences are different, and the account owner, and had to modify the password of such behavior, so the security brain a treasure not I feel nine out of ten in use, so the direct interception of transaction.

According to the Daniel said, this year, information disclosure is so serious that the password is stolen, not surprising, if you rely on password, would be a lot of people are afraid to use Alipay, WeChat to pay for these things.

Probably from four or five years ago, has already begun to abandon the security ring password to popular artificial intelligence, perseverance, the pursuit of the goal is like this, even if the thief took the key to the safe, can not open the safe door.

To this end, the security ring explored a lot of artificial intelligence training rules, such as the following rules, artificial intelligence Niubi, at least remember and use tens of thousands of rules, and complex algorithms in a second, and make decisions.

But,The problem is that security is not a sense of security. Do you still remember the password? At that time, Alipay through data measurement and assessment, that the gesture password is removed, the safety of very little, so, in order to open the Alipay users more convenient, will remove the gesture password. At that time, the move was opposed by the user, because there is no gesture password, we feel insecure, there is no sense of security. But today, we gradually get used to, and found no effect on the security, it is customary, even if there are gestures password, I am afraid that many people are too troublesome, will not be used.

This is a similar thing, from a security perspective, the answer has bought the goods, and fill in the ID number, bank card number or a kind of way, if it is an acquaintance, the difficulty is not much difference, but the perception, we feel a better than before may guess, I felt so insecure.

In reality, the network account is stolen, professional criminals is the absolute main force, the probability of acquaintances theft is relatively low, after all, theft is a crime, and I use my mobile phone, steal my colleague's money, a second Alipay will be able to check out, do not say what bear the legal responsibility, also face don't go too.

Alipay this time, it is likely the main consideration of the safety, and haven't figured out quasi sense of security, of course, is to blame, after all, a sense of security is also very important, we lack of love!

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