Millet into the automotive market, intelligent rearview mirror and make your car 1 million class car function

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Millet into the automotive market, intelligent rearview mirror and make your car 1 million class car function

2017-01-11 00:34:43 276 ℃


In recent years, more fire reputation is a big car naturally can not escape all electric Tesla, the big screen in the control system, could not help but make people slobber, although the civilian version of the Model3 open appointment but until now there is no delivery, so` on the market are noble earners we can only hope helplessly. Style.

But manufacturers have made bold attempts to this year is constantly launched smart cameras, micro cameras of the small ant himself, began to enter the automotive industry. This is the protagonist of such a collection of beauty, functionality, security in one - ant intelligent rearview mirror.

Part 1 high glamour

The same minimalist design, there is no messy color, and its products before the introduction of the same concept, the white packaging is the product sample. Look at the middle of the big screen actually some impatient.

The side of the configuration and characteristics of the product are listed, UI product design is unified, well, quite rich, equipped with YUNOS intelligent system to realize intelligent control products, more attractive to me is three car road monitoring, never heard the word before, then look at the bottom to see what you mean.

The back of the phone box as a general introduction to the product manufacturer information.

Open the outer packing, the huge rear view mirror appears in front of the eye, and the home of the tool for comparison, you can roughly determine the size. Through the photos can be seen on the surface of the protective film some small bubbles, paste time is not careful enough, but after all, when used to tear down, so do not care about these details.

Rearview mirror back with a large heat grid to effectively protect the body heat distribution, but also because it is set in the original rearview mirror, so the need to use the grid to support the air duct to ensure the timely dissemination of heat.

Both sides of the anti slip pad is quite thick and the actual feeling of a strong sense of resistance, so do not worry about the installation of the slide and other issues, the product uses elastic rubber binding, easy installation. Before I have a similar set in the original rearview mirror products, similar to the bag straps, with a period of time will be loose, so that small ant is through the market investigation and feedback their products made of elastic rubber binding.

Intelligent rearview mirror additional function recorder, get the product is more strange why not call it a smart car recorder, then consider possible with their own traffic recorder products to effectively distinguish.

Small ants still provide protection for the lens, with the prior to tear down the Oh or affect the imaging effect.

Top interface, from left to right in turn for the SIM card slot, MicroSD expansion card slot, reversing video interface and the host power supply port.

Other accessories: packing list is the main power supply ACC buck line and a rear view camera and extend the line, comes with 2 root preventing excessive force break, and even gave a Unicom 4G card, good magic.

Part 2 product experience, instantly tall

If the cigarette lighter is even install their own, but with the ACC line of this circuit buck things or ask professional personage to complete, small ants price includes a free installation from the installation point of your appointment so recently with the verification code can be installed.

Install the master is familiar, skilled line by prying plate professional hidden to the border in line. Look at the Master Certified expression, point like.

This line is the key, first thought is how the battery plate, a buckle, master line corresponding to the screw to the above.

Turn on the power, you enter the settings page, the car looks good on the look of the car, the car is so cool.

Master is also the first time to install a smart touch screen with a touch screen, initially thought it was an ordinary traffic recorder.

Small ant screen with a 5 inch IPS touch screen, even better than my monitor, will not feel grainy, touch is very smooth, Ali YUNOS is actually Android design, so Android mobile phone will soon be able to get started.

Designed for the optimization of the traffic recorder and the system from left to right pull can see the shortcut, Yong Yong several major features are listed.

The forward-looking camera can see effect is quite clear, the color is normal, can be recorded, and set the fast photos by touch.

Because the car is MAGOTAN 2 Deluxe Edition, with a reverse image, will not let the master installation, only as a reference effect, the master head is connected with the rearview mirror on the other end with the cigarette lighter power supply, a rear view camera picture below, formed a great contrast with the front of the 1080P, and there is no auxiliary line other functions, so its more important role is as a daily auxiliary two-way video recording, such as rear end accountability and other relatively useful. We can display the screen through the screen before and after switching display.

In the car reading lamp can see the fingerprints on the screen, like a mirror is a normal phenomenon, if we turn off the reading lamp can not see, will not affect our daily use, so no special care.

If these points to say that they are smart, then it is too smart to bully the two words, can think of the ants are for us to think of.

Part 3 intelligent experience and then up a level

In addition to collocation YUNOS intelligent system, don't forget the small ants of the SIM card slot and Unicom 4G card, with the random traffic card contains 500M/ months, can be free to use for 6 months, have a greater role to play this card more intelligent small ants rearview mirror.

SIM card slot pinhole personal feeling a bit small, so that my needle inserted very tight.

With the network, intelligence will be able to play the maximum utility, such as the following video in the German version of the High German car mirror. Voice control is convenient, but also to avoid the driver to leave the steering wheel when the situation occurs, of course, press the voice button or need to click.

The network can also be built in Himalaya or the small shrimp to listen to music or related documents. Of course, you can also identify small shrimp music memory card, after the actual experience, mp3 can be normal recognition, but FLAC does not recognize other lossless.

Small ant is the largest three road monitoring, through the network when we leave the car can also monitor the vehicle through the mobile phone APP three camera shooting, and vehicle GPS positioning for the greatest degree of protection of the safety of the vehicle, to avoid people in the car when the vehicle condition occurs.

Car parked in the parking spaces, remote monitoring at home

The car is parked outside of the parking lot, monitoring the situation inside the car (the cushion and the headrest are black)

The car is parked outside the parking lot to monitor the front of the car

Through the video contrast can be seen that the pre recorded image of small ants.

You can see that 1080P imaging effect of small ants is very clear, even if the license plate number of the next lane is also clearly visible, while small ants ADAS before the car too close to remind and lane reminders, all in order to ensure we provide great help in traffic safety.

Part 4 tall product summary, a word: value

Although the relative price of the product itself seems to be a little higher, but the functions and services provided by the considerable value, products for our traffic and parking safety protection and provide great help, with the help of ACC power supply line step-down, all-weather monitoring mirror protection, at the same time provide 6 months of free flow of services well, free installation service, has brought us great convenience, service flow can be shared via WiFi hotspots, WiFi traffic accessibility.

Product advantage:

  1. Intelligent YUNOS mature, built-in high German car mirror version, small shrimp music, Himalaya and voice control services;

  2. Three all-weather monitoring, GPS positioning services to protect vehicle safety;

  3. ADAS driving reminder function to avoid fatigue driving insecurity, timely reminder;

  4. With traffic card, deficiency and expired can also be carried out online recharge renewals, also can buy the 4G traffic card;

  5. High German map version of the car and the dog to avoid the occurrence of illegal electronic warning;

  6. WeChat sync to meet the needs of young.

Product defect:

  1. Low definition of interior and rear;

  2. Firmware upgrade canceled the class4 memory card support, limiting class10 above;

  3. Voice assistant, if some of the offline language identification, such as open navigation is better.

PS: to remind you that when you turn on the hot car must pay attention to traffic restrictions, especially in the case of iPhone WiFi with automatic updates, do not ask how I know, are tears ah.