Trick to crack the QQ space album password, the goddess of the photo wanted to see!

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Trick to crack the QQ space album password, the goddess of the photo wanted to see!

2017-01-11 00:37:13 1529 ℃

Sometimes we want to enter the goddess of the QQ space to look at the photos, but all those photos have added a password! I want to see, but could not find a way.

Xiao Bian today to help you have the curiosity of the students to get these MM encryption album, the method is simple, and applies to any QQ space version, absolutely reliable!

Super simple QQ space album password cracking method

First stepOpen an encrypted QQ space album,Open IE browser - tools -Internet options;

Second stepIn the "general" in the Internet temporary folder, select "delete" cookies "and" delete "Internet temporary file;

Third stepClick settings, click the settings window view file";

Fourth step,Click on the encryption album, there is a let you enter the password dialog box, select Cancel, refresh the space, click on the album to view

Fifth stepGo back to the temporary folder to find a refresh, find"Cgi_qqzone_static" XML documentDouble click on it and select "yes" in the pop-up dialog box. PressCtrl+f search, enter the name of the album to find the search, find, the following link is the address of the photo

Sixth stepCopy the link in the fifth step paste to the IE address bar to view the photos! So MM in front of you can no longer hide, try it!

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