For the 6 country version of NOKIA officially released, the real texture is not lost when!

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For the 6 country version of NOKIA officially released, the real texture is not lost when!

2017-01-12 01:10:13 487 ℃

A historic moment comes again. This afternoon, HMD in Beijing officially released the latest generation of NOKIA brand Android mobile phone, Chinese called NOKIA 6, NOKIA 6 officially announced the price is 1699 yuan, HMD marketing officer said, NOKIA HMD 6 is the first specifically for mobile phone users to create mobile phone China.

Appearance, the NOKIA 6 using aluminum alloy fuselage + + + + + + + + 2.5D Corelle glass design, the overall integration is very strong. NOKIA retains a NOKIA 6 mobile phone technology standards, the official said that this mobile phone is one of the best anti pressure products on the market, Nokia 6 can withstand 200 cattle pressure, 350 cattle torque pressure, temperature tolerance can +85 and -40 degrees, 95-97% high humidity, a drop of 200 meters only may minor scratches.

The president of HMD media communication at the office address

Configuration, the NOKIA 6 mobile phone uses 5.5 inches 1080P resolution LCD screen, support the sun reading technology, in-cell screen, using Qualcomm snapdragon eight core 430 processor, 4GB run memory and 64GB of storage space, support MicroSD card expansion up to 128GB, the key support for fingerprint identification. Built in 3000mAh non removable battery. The main camera pixel is 16 million, support PDAF phase focusing technology, front of the 8 million pixel camera, with Dolby panoramic sound technology and dual speakers, to ensure that the user's video entertainment experience.

System, the NOKIA 6 is equipped with a customized operating interface based on Android, support for Doze features and dual window multitasking, NOKIA said it would be the first time the latest software updates.

Communications, NOKIA 6 mobile phone support LTE Cat.4 4G network, uplink downlink bandwidth of 150Mbps, support for full Netcom and dual sim dual standby.

NOKIA 6 mobile phone accessories, equipped with 5V/2A charger, data line interface for the MicroUSB, at the same time as standard NOKIA WH-108 headset, or conscience.

After the transfer of brand licensing, NOKIA 6 can be said to be the first to return to the king of NOKIA. HMD president announced at the communication conference, HMD get NOKIA mobile phone / tablet PC brand licensing for the next ten years, which also means that there will be more in the future NOKIA brand mobile phone launch.

The NOKIA 6 mobile phone version of the national bank with parameters

"WeChat support fingerprint payment

Price and specific terms of sale, NOKIA 6 price of $1699. The Jingdong reservation is divided into two kinds, one is 66 yuan advance booking, a 0 yuan free appointment, which paid 66 yuan can get 6 months of Iqiyi video membership. After the reservation is successful, the Jingdong will be on the morning of January 19th, 10:06 officially opened on the NOKIA 6, only subscribers are eligible to purchase.

The 6000 Series 6 NOKIA Aluminum Alloy + Corelle 2.5D fuselage front glass design, the overall integration is very strong, on the back of all metal design with spraying process, looks very delicate, side buttons for metal arc cutting, with high light angle, has a strong sense of exquisite beauty.

The new machine will enjoy a long-awaited.

In the conference final, NOKIA said that in February 26th Barcelona exhibition MWC2017 (Mobile World Congress), unsurprisingly, MWC2017 NOKIA will once again released a new machine, we will wait and see.

From the scene back to small to get a new machine, out of the box experience and depth evaluation is accelerating the production, we will be able to see tomorrow.

Just did not see the conference broke the phone, smashing walnuts, blocking bullets, really a little regret......

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