Mobile phone industry routines, you are a few routines?

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Mobile phone industry routines, you are a few routines?

2017-01-12 01:10:47 205 ℃

In 2011 1, Apple released iPhone4S, a symbol of many people's eyes with a iPhone mobile phone is the identity of the people, to buy a iPhone4S maishen did improve the instant identity?

In 2011 2, millet launched mobile phone, mobile phone millet said a good word, immediately someone say you are millet "Navy" Navy "". Black to black, the results of millet sales year after year, and black out more black technology".

3, of course, later someone said to buy millet are grass root, buy iPhone is loaded to force, what the mobile phone is not grass root, is not loaded to force?

4, 2014 years as sales began to overtake millet, this time as long as there are people who dare to say that HUAWEI mobile phone a "good" word, immediately said you are HUAWEI's "Navy" and "navy". Well, you have to continue black spray! 2014 time for the global mobile phone sales of 80 million units, in 2015 sales of 100 million units, in 2016 reached 139 million units. Until 2017, micro-blog still continue to spray spray pot......

5, the same period of Android mobile phone and iPhone mobile phone, mobile phone Caton if Android would say that this is what kind of mobile phone? If the iPhone mobile phone Caton said it what software is bug.

6, when in 2016 OPPO, vivo mobile phone sales beyond millet, and some people began to spray OPPO and vivo mobile phone is actually $1000 yuan price of $2000 plus advertising costs of $1000. Even bubble net's @ hardware class actually made a second shot video said OPPO A57 and HUAWEI enjoy 6S is a pit. Some people say that OPPO and vivo mobile phone is the factory sister dedicated machine.

7, the hammer mobile phone is good, that is to buy an old feelings.

Sum of the above points, that is to say, as long as you don't say good on the domestic mobile phone, said the domestic mobile phone, immediately joined the army, named "Navy" or "navy". This is the mobile phone industry is not as good as the mobile phone industry is a double standard.

So the question is, then what good phone will not be sprayed?

10 years, Ma said the Internet can change the life is a liar is always someone spray, said 20 years ago that business is a liar is always someone spray, 30 years can make money stock is a liar is sprayed away. While these so-called "liar" has become the era of pioneers, and those who are still living as sprayer. Thanks to the progress of the times or the sprayer are!

Today, said millet phone someone good spray, said HUAWEI mobile phone someone jet, said OPPO, vivo phone is still good spray. Are those who spray to spray to spray the mobile phone manufacturers day high sales, stronger every day. These powerful vendors also thanks to these selfless spray will slobber! The spray will pay tribute to the great!