Alipay broke security vulnerabilities, a great chance to acquaintances and tamper with your login account password

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Alipay broke security vulnerabilities, a great chance to acquaintances and tamper with your login account password

2017-01-12 01:12:22 354 ℃


As a payment and financial instruments, do you think Alipay is what it means to you?

As far as I am concerned, in my Alipay, not only bind the 3 bank cards, 1 credit cards, also opened flowers chant, chanting and borrow small free secret function, usually at least one thousand or two thousand of the balance will lie in the balance of treasure give yourself a comfort.

It can be said that Alipay is carrying almost all the net worth of me, once the account is stolen, because the credit card and loan chant exists, I might even direct liability.

But this morning, that someone broke the news of Alipay to retrieve a new password vulnerability process, by this vulnerability, it can be said that my friends will have a 50% chance to modify the password and login to your alipay.

According to the online version, the principle is that, first of all in the Alipay account login page login mobile phone, select the forgot password, and then select the mobile phone is not around, then Alipay will open the validation function, you will be asked to choose a purchase in the Taobao products in the 9 picture, and then choose a friend again in 9 a head, two successful successful login verification.

Here, unlock the password required only three conditions,Your phone, what you bought and your good friendWho would have known the information? There is already aTaobao express little brother, the seller, your colleagues and your friendsThese options are available. What is not to have a cold feeling?

But don't be afraid, the vulnerability broke time in the early morning of January 10th, basically a few people have already solved this vulnerability in Alipay before a try when hackers feel. But now, Alipay emergency department must have to get up, then you try again, it is only through several ways below to verify, well, look is not a lot of security.

But even so, I was really scared, as mentioned above, Alipay is almost all of my net worth, and this is the first time I realized that, Alipay has not only a mobile phone App, including WeChat mobile phone payment, they are on the bank card, credit card. Is a minute away may be fraudulent property security threats exist.

I very much agree with the known characteristics of cloud users can log in and by tampering with your Alipay password in "look at how Alipay's acquaintances? The answer to this question.

To be honest, pay back in Alipay product manager password function this wrong? No, Taking into account the phone is not in the case, through personal privacy information to retrieve the password, in fact, is very convenient and effective. However, Alipay forgot itself bundled with the core function, the social function of contradiction. So, I can see what you usually buy, see what you usually buy something to share, I can know what you bought in the real world, you can see what you open the package. The store and courier can get your micro signal, Taobao, or even know what have you bought.

The most important thing in money transactions: privacy, not only did not have been protected here, but because of its social function, the greater the expansion of the. Acquaintances social, can not touch the money. Because of the convenience of online and ignore the complexity of the line, the Internet is the most easily overlooked risk.

Know almost the user scared cloud

Yes, Alipay product manager to retrieve the password in the process settings really consider the human factor, but this humane and convenient is established in our case to log in to your account, but if my account is illegal to crack? Isn't this humanization convenient for others? Hope is what Alipay product manager can be aware of your essential needs of products, in fact, only two words, safety.

Finally, if you suddenly received Alipay sent to the SMS verification code, that people try to log in to your Alipay account, please immediately enter the Alipay client, click on the [i], [settings], [], [emergency security center] [fast], packet loss.

The loss can hinder anyone login to your account, and prevent the funds transferred into.

In addition to witty friends recommended all kinds of insurance, "Alipay account security risks", as long as 2.28, to buy a psychological comfort friends.


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