She has been a partner of Robin Li, now return to Baidu as a special assistant

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She has been a partner of Robin Li, now return to Baidu as a special assistant

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Robin Li relegated to decentralization "behind the scenes", but his wife and daughter pushed to the front of the stage.

Bianews Robin Li's first daughter Brenda "father battle" platform adventure program will launch, and is about to break through the self climbing mud screen debut focus on investment in cultural construction of Robin, and Baidu is responsible for investment, manpower, financial "Chairman special assistant" and "bosom sister" Melissa Ma, one family enjoyable, carry out their duties.

At this time, I think Lu Qizhen is an outsider.

Now, the main Robin, Melissa is responsible for the supervision, responsible for leading the team to Lu Qi re decoration of the house is good. Didn't work hard, to buy their own pocket money stolen his food, has long been out.

The rest is good, the fire fire cooking, the cook, the cashier cashier.

Last year after the catastrophe, this is really want to cramp, make a change. But from the incident of Li Mingyuan, with Ma Dongmin return, "double king's" rumors, Prince Li Mingyuan was the victim of power struggle.

Now return to Melissa fulfilled, and said Lu Qi is looking for Melissa, "overhead" Robin with certainty. All the results have many reasonable reasons, now Baidu is really Ma Li Gong Dou results? What are the two men and women fighting?


Two people divorce rumors long-standing.

In 2012 Robin Li denounced in public, denied divorce. "Some people spread rumors that I was divorced, my wife know after very angry, she said that the commercial competition can have such a despicable means, I am very angry."

Robin Li is still the Baidu space PO out of two couples in Norway photo play, extraordinary love.

For a few years, Robin Li will bring his wife Melissa, hold in the lens of the shoulder, at least in front of Baidu employees, they are loving.

Each year, Iqiyi will host star awards ceremony, Robin is a guest, the annual Gong Yu company. Yes, I am also guest.

December 6, 2014, Liangmaqiao Century Theatre, Robin with Melissa and two daughters. By Gong Yu.

December 5, 2015, Liangmaqiao Century Theater, Robin and Melissa watch the ceremony, not with her daughter. By Gong Yu.

December 3, 2016, do not know where, because Iqiyi did not ask me to, nor did Robin. Gong Yu alone by Wang Zhonglei.

See, the possibility of Ma Li divorce is very small. You can't go to the show with your ex husband? Her show should also bring a new love, or for a person to conceal marital status.

Robin once said: the most influential person to him is the source of his courage.

Two people in the United States during the period, Ma Dongmin hope Robin Li seize the opportune moment to return home, their stay abroad for Robin Li to leave "posterior". 1999, Robin Li returned to business, Baidu was born.

2001, the Internet bubble collapse, the crisis between March 2000 and October 2002 wiped out the technology company's market capitalization of about $5 trillion. Baidu because of the cost and the major gateway to "break", which is facing tremendous pressure, Robin Li was also called an overseas call to Ma Dongmin crying.

The second day, Melissa flew back to Robin Li.

In August 5, 2005, Baidu NASDAQ listed Baidu, held in Manhattan at the celebration, Robin Li took his wife to take the front, said: "there is a Baidu in the spirit of courage, and my wife, Dr. Ma Dongmin, is the source of courage. She always at the critical moment, calm the most courageous proposal. It turns out that her advice, which is full of Oriental wisdom, leads me to the right path."

In short, not only contributed to Baidu, the achievements of Robin Li, but also in the crisis to save the moment.

Robin Li may seem weak, do not take the initiative; Melissa strong impetus.

After the listing of more than and 10 years, Baidu is steady, Melissa can put family; this is the Baidu crisis, Robin Li Melissa rujierzhi scorched by the flames.

Baidu can not be separated as a major shareholder of Ma Dongmin, would like to say a divorce, it is difficult.


What is the role of Ma Dongmin in the end?

First look at this love map, today in the circle of friends is also widespread. Robin this shirt, I know, is the last one or two years to buy. So it's not a wedding photo.

From the Baidu general picture, also to search historical photos. So this picture should be active today Baidu.

Obviously, it is to deny the relationship between the two broken, factional struggle suspicion.

Although the idea that Melissa only in assisting Robin Li with some transactional work, and not monopolize the financial power, there are CFO Li Xinzhe. But you do not forget, last year's repeated corruption event CFO is incumbent.

Look at the meeting speech keywords meeting director Melissa: 1, 2, with complex reflection; my judgment execution and Tongli ditch my hard working; 3, to help the company's strategy, comprehensive and timely landing; 4 is between you and the company and hope Robin good bridge.

Obviously, the 123 is the strategic vision, the master mentality; the 4 is that I am Robin Li and the company + executives, the bridge, the power is not small.

Pay attention to the "special assistant to the chairman", not "CEO special assistant"? Because there's CEO assistant Liang Zhixiang.

Liang Zhixiang in the president's office, the basic can help Robin deal with some transactional work, the Ministry of justice, the patent department, business audit department of these, in fact, is the daily implementation of things. The assistant to the chairman of the investment, manpower, finance, more comprehensive, strategic and management level.

Ma Dongmin and Lu Qi combination, not false.


Why Ma Huateng, Ma Yun rarely emotional rumors?

Robin is probably the most handsome, but also rich.

Thanks to my partner, Ma Dongmei.

What is the horse?