There are so many stories on AWE 2017's sister paper!

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There are so many stories on AWE 2017's sister paper!

2017-03-19 06:17:51 483 ℃

China home appliances Expo (AWE) is the tail of the editorial department in the past two years began to follow the information content, I believe there should be concerned about the number of tail communities should have a friend. Today, of course, I'm not here to talk about the products, but the families of those who are at the expo.

In fact, there are a lot of people who posted the tail of the text, and basically present in the home page is a photo daniel. So as an information editor, I would like to share with you the interesting Home Expo knowledge, are related to the beans, but it may not have anything to do with photography.

The first picture is in the Panasonic hair dryer booth, I picked up the camera the first reason is that the left side of the host is really like Elva Hsiao... I'm not really interested in Elva Hsiao, but if a guy like Elva Hsiao holds a microphone, I'm scared of her on the stage! Well! "After filming, I found the right two of the hand holding a very similar... Well, I'm a serious editor. I don't want to say anything.

Always think American girl's face is cold, in front of the Whirlpool booth the hemp bean gave people very warm feeling. While the portable Fuji X70 has nothing to do with the lack of depth of field, but the girl in the picture is still very eye-catching, there is a word how to say, through your crowd of my eyes.

"I call you you dare to promise? "This girl is really the king's contempt... A closer look to know that there is a mobile power on the hand, no wonder self-confidence to dare to use the nostrils as people.

Prohibit any place to sit a long legged mattau.

LG booth of the left hemp beans look really angry ah... Here's a picture of her most peaceful state...

This is when she felt the right flash when the expression, scared me to take the camera's hands are shaking for a while, is it a lot of pressure on the Korean manufacturers site this thing...

Every time to go to the exhibition or a similar occasion, found that the place where they hide the phone are very skilled, after all, a few hours on the continuous or very boring. Often seen in the mobile conference is stacked on the back of the new phone, there is no time to take pictures of the media pretending to play on the back of the new phone...

Because most of the products can not be held in the hands of the show, so similar to the following figure of the beans, the phone hidden in the cracks in the washing machine and cabinet. I guess her hand so red because of handling mobile phone rub... (when I said no)

The picture below the hemp bean in the face of the lens had a face of weakness, I hear people want to take pictures of the hurriedly looked up, his hands in front of her body is very lovely. There is nothing interesting here, but I feel that every job is not easy, everyone needs to pay for their own jobs.

The above is the AWE 2017 on the hemp anecdote, I am very happy to have such a job opportunity, I hope I can often have the opportunity to share these strange perspectives and the story behind you!

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