Behind each successful cross-border investment star, there is a male mentor?

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Behind each successful cross-border investment star, there is a male mentor?

2017-03-19 06:18:55 175 ℃

The star of the high income, is well-known, apart from acting, investment is inevitable. Not long ago, the music as the stock price decline, an article entitled "Liu Tao's hard-earned money," the article was widely spread, the article that Liu Tao earned sixty million, so it was pit. In fact, far more than Liu Tao, Li Xiaolu, Lan Qin, Ma Su held LETV shares. A pit pit all ah.

With the development of the Internet is getting better and better, the female star in the Internet circle is more active. Summary of a small explosion, roughly divided into the following:

Part 1 investment Zhao Wei

Film and television industry will be the most investment star, investors will invest in the circle of acting. In addition to her own investment perspective, but also because she met a very important figure: ma.

To support Ma's entertainment dream, Zhao Weihao cast 2 billion 500 million to buy about $9.18% of Alibaba issued shares, becoming the company's largest shareholder of the second. Ali after the rise in the price of the film, naturally earned pots full bowl full.

Given Zhao Wei's strong sense of identity for their dreams, Ma naturally willing to go out with the investment in the Zhao Wei, in tact express listed, whether it is Ma or Zhao Wei, can only say that made a big fat.


In addition the leader lady aura plus body, baby is also good at it for investment.

Investment in his old club are only the first step, in June 2015, baby ABCapital has also set up a venture capital fund, investment in the first round of the cross-border ocean terminal and fast light juice brand Heyjuice. And then as the United States and the United States and the United States Product Designer makeup.

8 months pregnant, did not forget to come out of this investment in Mito, Mito cliff is love ah!

It is no wonder that baby can age from the 5 boarded the Forbes China celebrity list, so fight, is ready to raise the rhythm of the leader?

Liu Shishi

About 2000000 yuan fee is low in the same coffee celebrities, but discerning poems, invested millions of investment, the old club Chinese film. Known as the conscience made Tang nature also won't let her down, some of the hit TV show, let poetry become rich immediately.

In addition, husband Nicky Wu for investment is also very powerful, a straw bear company, its shares accounted for 20% of last year, storm technology to buy the straw bear, its stake instantly transformed into 2 hundred million. But last year it was the Commission of an emergency stop, was written, Nicky Wu said to give Liu Shishi one billion dowry to be wasted.

Star started acting, naturally willing to invest in their own familiar areas, often will get no small gains. It is precisely because of their success, so that Liu Tao missed the light, Miss Huayi, Miss Ali did not want to miss the music as soon as possible, but as music is a deep pit, into the pit there is a risk!!

Part 2 electricity supplier Qi Wei

After the marriage, more and more like a net red. So the network must be a single red goods - shop, naturally can not be missing. Do their own models, a wide variety of films. Of course, such as flowers and Tea Mug single product. Of course, sales difficult to speak.

Although fans in micro-blog propaganda to go to support Qi's brother's Taobao shop, but not bad money Qi brother did not hype, the appearance of his own way is simply handsome burst!

Ting Zhang

The star's style is a bit scary.

Micro-blog row of the so-called family members of her confession, every day is a variety of small inside thought he went wrong set.

Think of that year, "love through time and space," aired, as beautiful as her, it is appreciated. This is a subject of age!!! When she saw her again, she was surprised that she had not changed for so many years. As a result, people send nickname frozen age goddess".

Then she claimed to have developed a thing called live yeast by herself to keep her appearance. And began to sell the mask on micro-blog. Also pulled a lot of stars to help her do publicity. Finally, a bad face.

Carina Lau

Unlike many other fun nature with open star Taobao shop, Ka-ling sister really is a painting of the wind (ren) (Zhen) (Zuo) - odd (SHI) Tmall stores.

June 25, 2015, she held a special conference in Shanghai, announced that he would enter the field of electricity providers, which is selling wine on Tmall. Prior to this, she has done enough homework, in every aspect of Pro pro.

As a result, the Carina Lau brand of wine on the line less than two days on the sale of over 10000, ultra-high cost by consumers and high praise. Of course, there is no shortage of those who have rushed to Ka-ling sister enthusiastic fans ah.

Star fame, and the growing popularity of the fan effect, for the film and television stars, open shop is naturally the most direct way to money.

Part 3 executives Li Xiang

He Jiong airborne Ali before the music to do high-level, there will be airborne executives to do the same, but this pair of old partner is now gone the same way on the road of the 360.

It is understood that Li Xiang airborne 360 position is probably vice president, responsible for the development and production of video sites, TV shows, variety shows and other content of the production and operation of 360. This was once a sister of Hunan satellite TV, Shenzhen satellite TV, deputy director and chief producer of art, she is at least professional counterparts. As for the results, let's wait and see.

Because you want to go to work, so excited the Hunan sister, in his micro-blog made a card photo, was friends Tucao: fat you use when young photos, it is buyers and sellers show show!

Sora Aoi

Island famous film star, love China, was invited to the user experience when booking treasure.

When you know the news, the user comments: there is no ability is not important, as well as fame. As for what kind of fame, you know.

People did not expect that, in February 7th, Sora Aoi Twitter announced on February 8th, retired, users reflect the booking treasure to stop the service, then the person in charge of booking treasure declared bankrupt...... as if to let Cang teacher retreat, got a big chess.

The star of this faction is obviously more ambitious, they are not willing to do only take dividends shareholders, but also want to rely on their ability to contribute to the enterprise. However, the ability is very important, otherwise it will be reduced to attract the topic of the vase.

Part 4 Wei Gan

Compared to the above movie star, Wei Gan is not very red. But mention the music as the production of the Crown Princess promotion in mind, we all know. Wei Gan is the music as the owner of the mother, "Princess" producer.

Early years, Wei Gan married to Jia Yueting, the biggest gain is that he starred in the TV drama can be broadcast online as music, there is a saying that the music as a drama for the sake of the TV series, specifically to create a video site.

After the establishment of the establishment of the establishment of Beijing Le Yang film and television media Co., Ltd., began to make a network drama. Eventually, of course, will be broadcast in music.

Recently, the music as the storm continued, Jia Yueting battered. Feng Lun classic comeback "private entrepreneurs love female star, not far from death".

Zhang Zetian

Personal tea sister, because of a hand holding tea photos popular. After Liu Qiangdong was frequently referred to, gradually moving to showbiz.

And Liu Qiangdong rich life experience, will naturally help the sister of tea investment. Whether it is "work box" or "Uber" to avoid a lot of detours.

Some netizens commented: Cock wire holding a red net, but the network chose the rich red."

Actress and Terry Gou

Terry Gou's romantic history also said that is not clear, but it can not be denied that the actress and his contacts, the attention has been greatly improved, which is also very important for a star.

This group of stars, there is no lack of true love, but in the eyes of the world, more is what they finally harvest.

For female stars, the Internet has great potential for development, and their leaders are naturally a good choice.