4G utilization of less than 20%, China Unicom 5G era will make 4G era mistakes?

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4G utilization of less than 20%, China Unicom 5G era will make 4G era mistakes?

2017-03-19 06:22:36 151 ℃

Climb every hill without knowing it

Have not yet seen immortality

Just throw yourself away

China Unicom released 2016 earnings, see the two news:

1) Unicom 4G network utilization rate of less than 20%

2 China Unicom 5G era will not make the mistake of the 4G era, China Unicom has to prepare for the future to build 5G network funds

4G utilization of less than 20%, China Unicom 5G era will commit 4G era mistakes?

It has to start with 3G.

1Over the hills, only to find myself lost

As we all know, in the 3G era, China Unicom is the first cooperation with apple iPhone sales operators, was also a fiery moment.

Just 3 months later, that's the anniversary of the birth of iPhone, which is about 10 years old. 10 years later, like yesterday.

10 years ago, from 2G to 3G voice data, we thought we saw the potential of business data, the global 3G network construction, some operators (NTT DOCOMO) even in 2001 could not wait to launch 3G services, to seize market opportunities.

However, the market is not like a mighty storm that come, until iPhone turned out, it provides fuel for the data business growth.

Unfortunately, the construction of China Unicom 3G WCDMA network but 4 years later, LTE was a mass flow, China Mobile's TD-LTE construction, the harvest is to be taken by surprise unicom.

Over the hills, only to find myself lost. Did not win at the starting point, but has fallen in the end.

The situation today and those are similar. Everyone in the fried 5G, but, in addition to the recognized data services will continue to erupt, today's 5G does not look at the new business model, we can not be sure what fuel push 5G next?

Maybe we will not make mistakes in the 4G era, but may make mistakes in the 3G era.<1Two3>


5G standard behind the acceleration of confusion

Yes, you know, 5G NR standard acceleration, the first half of the year to complete the 5G NR independent networking standards.

But there is no uniform behind the joy, but increased the feeling of confusion. Even the first half of the year to sell 5G wireless equipment manufacturers, is not happy, which also has a voice against.

5G NR network is independent of the LTE core network under the new 5G wireless, looks more like a supplement to the 4G network hotspot. No wonder some people think that this acceleration is a setback, because this is often with the 5G with the word "subversion" does not match.

In fact, there are two differences in the 5G direction:

1) bias wireless access network, 5G NR is independent of the wireless network is biased.

2) bias to the core network, that is, the use of SDN/NFV based network slicing, flexible and agile to deal with the future of the emerging Internet of things.

Some operators worried about 5G investment is too large, more willing to bias in the core network, because SDN/NFV solutions make the network more flexible, more conducive to the introduction of new services, and help operators from heavy assets, from the transition to the OPEX based model based on CAPEX model.

As for the wireless access network, considering the high frequency of 5G investment is too large, they think 4G LTE still has a long way to go, they are more concerned about LTE upgrade and LTE related evolution technology.

The feeling is that the industry is at a crossroads. Even in 2019 there are operators of commercial 5G, it is only a supplement to LTE, will not see large-scale commercial.

As for China Unicom, 4G utilization rate of less than 20%, but do not have to worry, and perhaps wait until the completion of the R16 standard, is the best bet.<12Three>


The new direction of the telecommunications industry - technology is secondaryWhether it is stagnant growth, or emerging markets of things, the real challenge is not the operator of technology, but the transformation of business models.

Things to come, the next goal is the vertical market. For vertical market, our sales model in where? Where is the service product? Do only let us in the era of the Internet of things into a deeper income dilemma, the scale is very important, integration is also important, but more importantly, the transformation of business models and operational processes.

5G can not solve these problems, which is related to culture and genes, this is the biggest challenge.

On the other hand, the integration of ICT behind the trend is not only the integration of technology, as well as industry and industry integration.

Operators in the United States, through mergers and acquisitions, trying to become the king of the last content. With the increasingly blurred boundaries between mobile and fixed networks, telecommunications and the Internet, coupled with weak growth, increased investment, we believe there will be more interesting integration in the future.

So, in our opinion, China Unicom really do not have to worry about 5G, do a good job to promote the transformation of 2G to 4G, accelerate the development of 4G services, and then do a good mix, may not be able to stand up.

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