Read countless old drivers tell you how to escape SkyDrive audit

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Read countless old drivers tell you how to escape SkyDrive audit

2017-03-19 06:23:33 117 ℃

Recently, Baidu and SkyDrive. This is more than double the list of Ruo, is accused of jurisprudence, it said piracy addiction, rare users of Baidu, have basket stolen by Tucao others, you can blame the basket theft?

This Baidu PR finally feel plates of grievances, Bo "smile, with the straight exposing jurisprudence and piracy behind the formation of industrial chain should not just SkyDrive a personal responsibility, and behind the SkyDrive audit system has been very hard, should not bear too much blame.

Today, a small explosion to come to the secret in Baidu SkyDrive when the audit is a kind of experience.

Part 1

Countless reading

SkyDrive's free use and large space storage feature, much loved by users. Every day there are countless users in the use of SkyDrive, numerous files will be uploaded. Except by system audit documents, there are still a large number of documents need to be manually reviewed, so every SkyDrive auditors audit tasks are heavy, on the trial of the twenty thousand plus video is probably just basic, most of which are related to pornography or pirated.

The first day was sent to the porn video, the heart is still a little excited, after all, is that every old driver who dream of the place! Who knows, just half a day, watching a piece of yellow screen, finally unbearable! Spit!! Next to colleagues said it is normal, good habits!!

Remember that there was a time when news reports that a company's employees were fired because they were openly exposed to pornographic videos at work hours, and that even one employee was fired on the company's computer. Often see such a thing, are proud of the honey, people secretly watching the video will be fired, we are not only open to see, or paid to see.

Old drivers, there is not a heart.

Part 2

Air conditioning is enough

Working in the company that time, it is summer, but as if in winter. But the head of the hard work of the central air conditioning, there are two big fan blowing against you!! Go around, feel the sun, is a great gift of nature to me.

Privately and friends secretly discussed, is not because SkyDrive audit to man the majority, leaders are afraid you anger too strong, so we need to rely on this way to reduce pathogenic fire.

Part 3

Day and night

Know almost, there are users that they drive late at night, the results of less than half an hour on the car, in the process of asking ape brother do not rest?

Procedures ape rest, do not know. But even if you rest, SkyDrive auditors will not rest, 7*24 hours of the audit system, SkyDrive is very thorough. Often after 12 hours of work, vertigo tremor is the most common thing. The worst is the national statutory holidays, as long as you shift, you have to go to work, do not give overtime. At that time, I remember a colleague, very bad luck, eleven a total of seven days off, on the day of the class. There are colleagues, even the new year's day thirty, but also adhere to the job.

Even so, we face the blame.

Part 4

Fight a battle of wits and courage.

The tragic history of video review is simply a battle of wits.

System identification of the problem of the video, often on the file keywords or video DNA to identify, many users in order to avoid checked, it is really strange recruit ah.

1 change name

There will be the problem of the name such as "courseware" ah "a piece of education" and the like, do not know whether the system capture screenshots are not the same, in short is a top name in the courseware unsuitable for children in front of the picture!! Promise me, don't you think we're stupid?

2 genes

It's easier for MD5 to change, and by deleting the title or the end of the piece, it will change. Experienced drivers will often make some corresponding changes in the upload, to prevent the move. Of course, there are a number of deleted, a key part of the open, you did not discuss the closure.

The 3 one content

This is the most difficult thing for the auditor, the audit content too much, so for a long video, often will only choose the beginning, middle and end of three key place, once the audit is tired, he opened a theory should be video results in a few minutes after the gourd, instantly transformed adult pattern, an old blood almost gush out. There are even some chat video, chat, do not take off clothes, easy to catch cold, know not!

4 fuzzy bounds

Baidu SkyDrive because of the nature of the service, so we have a major principle for the audit called Ning put, do not miss". This also leads to a lot of users using this, upload video wantonly sealed even step on the line, not his heart complaints, sealing plug.

Such as a special hobby, there is a sense of suffocation like a user, a clear upload the appropriate video, will be sealed, so choose to intercept the relevant fragments of the film and television drama, although not eat meat, drink broth is also possible. Or put some live dance, because in the movement, and in short, a little spring is tantalizing enough.

5 optional start

This, I call it luck. Many users are accustomed to start late at night, this time despite the night auditor, but the energy is always limited. So it may leave some to second days. If the day the habit is to start from the new time, then congratulations, you can live a little more. On the other hand, you will be the first to die.

What I see is usually three or four in the afternoon, probably feel that this time a bit sleepy? Three or four, basically has been on the floor of the auditors for the next eight or nine hours, and occasionally will not hold up, wake up, the latest content will be postponed to the extension of your future, get a little vitality. But I met this kind of day is very sleepy but can not sleep very angry person, even if you are fuzzy boundaries, seal you also not discussed.

The audit process, often involves a large number of pornographic videos, in order not to have a physiological response to these videos, simply by the eyes and hands, so!! Minutes caught countless.

Because the upper for strict attention to SkyDrive, SkyDrive audit accuracy requirements are very high, twenty thousand in the video, the wrong or no trial out of the number of not more than 5 (the exact number should be less, too long to forget). The most important thing is that the correct rate will be made into a table to all departments, and even linked to performance pay!! Hear the sound of our broken hearts?

SkyDrive is not easy to do, and use and cherish;

Auditors are not easy, and the line and cherish.

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