Don't take off! Good use of these three focal points, the same girl can shoot the ultimate temptation!

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Don't take off! Good use of these three focal points, the same girl can shoot the ultimate temptation!

2017-03-19 06:23:52 150 ℃

Reprinted statement: This article reprinted from hummingbird micro classroom

In portrait photography, the use of lens language is the most important. The so-called lens language, not only refers to the use of the lens, and the lens focal length, aperture and lens technology, but also including the use of creative skills, including the show shot composition, lighting and emotional art means. Take a look at how to use the focal point of the lens of different applications, for you to say the temptation to two words.

Prior to shooting portraits, the shooting of a prior concept design. Usually the first thing to consider is the performance of the characters, is to shoot a close-up, or bust or body image?

The second is to consider the relationship between the characters and the scenery, is the combination of people and the scene, or highlight the background of the virtual character. In order to use the lens of different focal length, showing the relationship between the characters and scenery.

Standard lens: Portrait preferred50mm standard lens focal length is the most suitable for shooting portraits. The close-up of the portrait and portrait of the characters can be taken from far away, you can also take pictures of people and scenes blend. And its biggest advantage is: the lens does not produce perspective distortion, can show the natural beauty of the natural. This festival is a photographer with a standard lens 50mm to shoot portraits, including close-up, medium and panoramic portrait, we can learn from a variety of techniques to use 50mm standard lens.

Photography /Gyeonlee focal length 50mm, aperture f/2, speed 1/500s, ISO 100

When using the head shooting, and the main body of the different distance, will get a different picture effect, such as the distance of 1 meters or so, shooting the work, but also has the feeling of close-up portrait. The face occupy a large proportion, eyes intently to see the camera, as if through the paper, straight into the heart of feeling. Shooting at such a distance, not only for the model is a test, but also to withstand the pressure of the photographer. Only when both sides have experience, and with good conditions, there will be such works appear.

Photography /Gyeonlee focal length 50mm, aperture f/2, speed 1/250s, ISO 200

In contrast, the use of the head 2 meters away from the shooting, so the distance between the models and photographers have a self space. So the model can safely into their own quiet state, the photographer can also be more concerned about the composition, use of light, instant capture and other photographic techniques. The whole picture shows the classical painting style.

Photography /Gyeonlee focal length 50mm, aperture f/2.8, speed 1/200s, ISO 800If the distance is farther, to 4 ~ 5 meters, characters and scenery will be balanced in the picture, and increase the depth of the screen. The photographer cleverly used the prospect and background of virtualization, so that the model is in a seemingly profound space, giving the audience a breath of freedom, freedom of appreciation. Composition is very important in the creation of portrait. Usually choose to take a vertical position to shoot, because whether it is the body of the human body, or the head of the long oval, are very suitable for vertical rectangular screen. The posture between the person and the lens also wants to hold, the person's body or the face is facing the lens, the picture will appear dull. Let the characters sideways, twist, is an excellent way to adjust the attitude of the characters. The best way to use the composition of the upper and lower three minutes, when the body, the head of the character is located on the 1/3, head close-up, the eye is located on the 1/3.Photography / Zhao focal length 85mm, aperture f/1.7, speed 1/125s, ISO 100

80mm to 100mm is the best focal segment shooting close-up portraits, and works mostly in the bust and the head and shoulders as the main focus, his eyes and his brewing. This kind of work with strong emotion, through their eyes and gestures, wistful, subtle and delicate feelings, emotional communication between the audience and the formation of a model.

A long focal length

The use of long zoom lens 80mm above the portrait, one can make people full of pictures, occupy a larger proportion, so as to highlight the main characters role; two is the focal depth of the scene can bring effect, more conducive to obtaining virtual background and foreground. As a result, many portrait photographers like the use of this focal length lens.

Photography / Xing Ying focal length 70mm, aperture f/3.2, speed 1/160s, ISO 100

For portrait capture, the focal length of more than 100mm of the lens, but also in the distance, in the case of the photographed characters do not pay attention to capture more natural expression and action. Long focal length lens imaging is characterized by a sense of space compression, that is, the depth of space compression, flattening, resulting in the effect of overlapping characters and space scene.

Photography / Zhao focal length 135mm, aperture f/3.2, speed 1/200s, ISO 200

In the process of capture, the photographer usually pay more attention to the model's expression, action, etc.. Concerned about the character's inner feelings, but also the focus. When the model is in a static state, she will gradually sink into their own thoughts and feelings, and now her inner feelings, through the expression and expression. The photographer captures the slightest trace of emotion and depicts it in the picture.Photography / Chen Jie focal length 120mm, aperture f/3.2, speed 1/250s, ISO 320

The effect of environmental factors is highlighted by the use of telephoto lenses at 10 m. But as the focus of the characters, but also need to be particularly concerned about. This page two works, the photographer used a variety of techniques to display characters: a center through the mapping method, and by contrast, prominent figures; another three points by the method of composition, and through comparison to highlight the characters, the wonderful.

Wide angle lens

35mm around the focal length of the small wide-angle lens is very suitable for shooting portrait + environment, the portrait. Compared to the standard lens, this kind of work in the larger proportion of the landscape, the environment and the background is more prominent. Therefore, before the shooting, the photographer's selection is very important, such as whether or not the scenery with the personality of the individual, natural light is appropriate, etc.. The use of wide-angle lens, often used in the form of the composition of the three banners. For example, the overall character in the screen side, and in the other side of the screen to arrange the environmental background, such a balanced composition of the way, people and the environment are better performance.

Photography / flower model /lanna focal length 35mm, aperture f/2.2, speed 1/2000s, ISO 100Photography / Jing Han model / small focal length 35mm, aperture f/1.8, speed 1/8000s, ISO 100

35mm focal length of the small wide-angle shooting characters can use very flexible composition. This page of the two works, the author makes the background of the background of a simple, but highlight the changes in color and light. The environment not only does not interfere with the characters, but also reflects the atmosphere of the whole work. This model and the body posture, it reflects the taste of painting portraits.

Gao Shuai focal length 30mm, aperture f/2, speed 1/50s, ISO 400

With the taste of the documentary photography, portrait photography, in order to avoid the influence of messy environments, we need people to shoot at. Let the characters especially her face to occupy a larger proportion of the screen. In this painting, although the background color is rich, there are a variety of horizontal and vertical lines staggered, but the girl gentle face and hair line, healthy skin color and background contrast, so a lot of vivid picture. It should be noted that the choice of the environment and the character's clothing, temperament to match. If you do not find a suitable background, you can use a simple and common environment, such as no one's wild woods, street vines old walls, or wilderness blue sky. Do not look at such an ordinary environment, the effect of shooting portrait is excellent.

Bold creative portrait

Sweet portrait photography, standard wedding photo, easy to cause people's aesthetic fatigue. As a result, many photographers are looking for a breakthrough in the creative photography, shooting out of the works.

Different virtualizationIn portrait photography, the virtual effect must be accurate. In different focal length and different shooting distance, the effect of virtual reality is different. The maximum aperture of different lenses is different, we use the zoom lens, the maximum aperture is usually f/2.8 or f/4, while the maximum length of the focal length is f/4 and f/5.6. Such a lens and maximum aperture portrait can be said to be the best choice, can produce a clear character, the background of the effect of virtualization.

Photography /Gyeonlee focal length 50mm, aperture f/2, speed 1/1000s, ISO 200

Some of the focus of the lens of the virtual effect is very strange, it has a kind of vortex type of feeling, also known as vortex. The high brightness of the lens outside the focus of the virtual city is blurred ellipse, and with the rotation of the circle, and thus the formation of such a fantasy virtual effect. This is related to the lens group structure of the lens, usually some old lens can bring this effect. In addition to the effect of the aperture in the portrait photography, the most common use of the virtual effect also includes the way to increase the prospect of virtualization. Deliberately to get closer to the lens of the place to add some natural, color charming scenery, and let it empty into a hazy state of identification, you can let the work with the beauty of the curtains of the subtle shades.

King John's photography / model / sandalwood focal length 35mm, aperture f/1.6, speed 1/40s, ISO 250Photography / Jing Han model / small focal length 35mm, aperture f/1.4, speed 1/250s, ISO 1250Photography / flower model /Lanna focal length 85mm, aperture f/8, speed 1/20s, ISO 100

In front of the camera to increase virtual prospects, in addition to flowers, leaves, also should be more ideas. In addition to the photographer let us enjoy the fresh out of the ordinary, portrait, left us some interesting puzzles, he is what is used for virtual out of this effect? One of them may be a reflective glass windows, and the other one hundred think of it, it is better for everyone to try, even if you do not open the puzzle, you will get their secret trick.

Fog haze effect

Surprisingly, the use of light fog is a very difficult technique in portrait photography. This technique is very difficult to grasp, but also with the weather, the sun, the intensity of radiation. Therefore, most of these works are based on individual artistic creation, which are rarely used in commercial portrait photography. Therefore, it is more novel and unique feelings.Caviar focal length 50mm, aperture f/1.4, speed 1/160s, ISO 100Photography / caviar focal length 50mm, aperture f/1.4, speed 1/800s, ISO 100Light fog will lead to picture the fog, reduce the overall contrast, the traditional photography textbook strongly urged to avoid the situation. For creative photography light hazy effect portraits, described in the book of knowledge is very one-sided, even is not practical, the need to shoot in the complex actual shooting, a little test, a little bit of experience, to find suitable for their shooting method. In the shooting first dare to use light to shoot, the light has a certain strength, and can not be too strong; secondly, the backlight of the best angle allowing light to enter the scene, nor is the centre of a lens; third, character and light are mutually staggered, also can let the people semi blocked light; finally is the exposure control technology at the moment, automatic exposure is not reliable, the best increased exposure of more than 2 on the basis of the automatic exposure. The results of the direct result of the light fog haze, often not satisfactory, but also spend a lot of time and energy to carry out post processing. The more natural and elegant works, the more the author pays.Photography / caviar focal length 50mm, aperture f/1.8, speed 1/180s, ISO 200Photography / caviar focal length 50mm, aperture f/1.8, speed 1/200s, ISO 200

In the absence of the sun as a strong light source, the author uses some artificial light source to create special effects. And the effect of the work is also very good. Not only the formation of a hazy light fog, but also the emergence of more amazing colorful halo. It seems that the author of this kind of special effects photography is very experienced, can create only belong to their own art, is an artist's greatest satisfaction and pride.

The above content excerpt from the people's Posts and Telecommunications Press "hummingbird photography College Canon lens collection"

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