Millet 6 is about to release the whole system is still a small version of the dragon and enjoy the ceramic version of the

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Millet 6 is about to release the whole system is still a small version of the dragon and enjoy the ceramic version of the

2017-03-19 06:29:46 119 ℃

Although there have been rumors millet 6 or will debut at the end of April, followed by the industry chain, said the message due to a serious shortage of stocking, the machine may be delayed release. But now according to a number of people broke the news broke the latest news on micro-blog, millet 6 will be released in April 11th, and will be equipped with the whole system Xiaolong processor 835.

Biography April 11th release

About millet 6 release time, past rumors have pointed to April, even Wuhan Millet's family also said in micro-blog, feel that April will be a big wave of new machine, seems to imply that millet 6 will meet with us or in the next month, but then the people of the industrial chain and Dev released cold @ micro-blog, millet 6 the original April debut, but due to a serious shortage of stock, so also pushed back, or bouncing sounds will become inevitable.

However, now there are many who broke the news to give the same news on micro-blog, said millet 6 will be officially released in April 11th, and there will be two versions of the stage, it is the legendary millet and millet 6 Plus 6. Although the authenticity is still unable to confirm the news, but at least the exposure of the millet mobile phone media group "screenshots of the so-called" ideal Xiaolong 835 yield, 6 or millet again postponed the report is not true, it also means that there may be released in April 6 millet.

The whole system 835

More importantly, in the screenshot also stressed the Xiaolong 835 processor is about to release news in the country, it seems that there is no shortage of Qualcomm supply problems. And according to the user @ Xiongben science and technology broke the news that millet 6 will be equipped with the entire system Xiaolong processor 835, which came with millet millet in the past with a low version of the version of the processor will be equipped with Xiaolong processor has a larger gap between the 6.

In addition, users @ Xiongben science and technology also confirmed millet 6 indeed launched the two, that is, millet and millet 6 Plus. According to previous users displayed in the Post Bar disclosure of the news, millet 6 will be equipped with 5.15 inch LCD screen, equipped with a full version of the blood of the snapdragon 835 processor; and millet 6 Plus will be equipped with a 5.7 inch OLED screen, and uses a dual camera design, like iPhone 7 Plus that allegedly on the back of the upper left corner of the the possibility of using IMX362 sensor.

Still enjoy the ceramic version

As for the other 6 aspects of millet specifications, the thickness of the body in the rumor about 8mm, 4GB RAM+32GB ROM is a basic configuration, and are equipped with a battery capacity of 3200 MAH, rumors mobile phone prices will remain 1999 yuan a high price advantage. As millet 6 Plus will be a combination of RAM+64GB ROM 4GB start, other configuration is basically the same with millet, the price is $2499 from the sale of 6.

According to industry insiders @Kevin Wang's diary broke the news on micro-blog said, millet 6 will continue to enjoy the ceramic version. Prior to this, there is news that millet 6 will have the standard and high version launched 4GB RAM+32GB ROM storage combination respectively with 4GB and RAM+64GB ROM, at the same time, the ceramic exclusive edition will bring 6GB RAM+128GB ROM storage combination. Of course, the authenticity of the above news has not been confirmed, millet 6 will debut in April 11th, or let us wait and see.