Millet 5S can be used for 7 days? Look at how the technology cattle is done!

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Millet 5S can be used for 7 days? Look at how the technology cattle is done!

2017-03-19 06:31:20 158 ℃

Recently, there is a netizen to share a thickening on the millet 5S mobile phone battery program, described in great detail. According to the user, through his modified millet 5S, battery capacity reached 14600mAh, of course, the battery capacity to increase the thickness of the phone has also increased. Through mobile phone program view, the modified battery is expected to be available 212 hours and 1 minutes. After the battery capacity increases, with millet 5S original charger (9V 2A), about 6 hours can be filled, is expected to be available for 5 ~ 7 days. It's a bull, a capital suit! Let's take a look at the technology is how to transform the cattle!

The first step: mobile phone metal cover holes reserved batteries in parallel interface

The second step: the use of three SONY core with the original battery in parallel, capacity of 14600 Ma

The third step: make thick rear cover

The fourth step: thickening battery cover design

Taking into account the millet 5S NFC chip is not in the top of the battery, but at the top of the hole next to the headset, so the back cover with 80% half cover program.

The use of 80% full cover rear cover, in the electronic city to find the size of the hole with the lid after the cover, and the use of glue stuck in the hole above the shell after the millet 5S, and processing assembly, covering half of the phone cover. As shown in the figure:

The overall effect is as follows:

Finally, on the charging time and the use of time, Daniel also made an answer.

Battery charging time and time

Millet 5S support fast charging, the original battery charging time takes one hour and 30 minutes, if in parallel, a total of 4 batteries, the total capacity of a total of 14600 Ma, charging time is 4*1.5 hours =6 hours.

6 hours of charge can be used in exchange for 5~7 days, while the volume in the pocket without any problems.


A lot of people will say, is too thick, too ugly, too heavy. Why is too heavy and ugly too thick, because mobile phone manufacturers do, no manufacturers, only Handmade, certainly flawed. If the mobile phone manufacturers can do, will do better than the manual, more beautiful.

This programme will solve the problem of the standby time, the battery in parallel, thickening of the battery and mobile phone batteries as a whole, directly to the mobile phone power supply, no electric energy loss, and reduce the number of charging, the battery life is greatly improved.

Whether it will explode

Mobile phone battery thickening, there will be a lot of people ask this question, but it can be very responsible to tell you that will not explode. The reason why Samsung Galaxy Note7, apple sometimes exploded because of the following.

1 mobile phones in pursuit of light and thin, making manufacturers a strong compression of the thickness of the battery, increase the density of the battery, so the battery is so thin, but the greater the battery density, the greater the risk.

2 because the battery charging call or other operations, there is a danger of explosion.

3 thin battery, it can only reduce the battery protection chip, so the protection chip weakened, it will increase the probability of explosion.

My thick battery solution has solved the above three aspects of the problem, I will not compress the density of the battery, and will not be empty, the use of the best battery IC, control the voltage stability of the battery. So it won't explode.