Apple ring Samsung OLED output, resulting in China made the world stunned

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Apple ring Samsung OLED output, resulting in China made the world stunned

2017-03-19 06:32:57 183 ℃

Apple to iphone8 at all power to solve the production problems, with the advantage of technological progress OLED screen is becoming more and more serious, disadvantage is constantly replenished, and panel manufacturers more and more have been the beginning of the layout of the OLED screen, and OLED is also known as the future mobile phone standard. This also means that in 2017 the mobile phone industry will be a year of great change. With apple and other mobile phone giant to accelerate the popularity of OLED back faster and faster.

However, OLED production capacity has been monopolized by samsung. An OLED screen in the mobile phone market, we are not unfamiliar, the most common is the Samsung AMOLED Galaxy series mobile phone, its own has always been a big fan of the AMOLED, the South Korean media recently exposed the news that apple and Samsung are likely to have signed up to $2 billion 600 million in the OLED panel order agreement.

Apple production capacity has been emptied, recent news shows, this year, the new iPhone will be fully equipped with OLED screen, and apple in order to ensure the early delivery of the new iPhone, also began large-scale procurement of spare parts, OLED screen has become the priority among priorities. Insiders broke the news, in the field of OLED screen monopoly Samsung, the current production capacity has been carved up almost.

Due to the thin organic film thickness of OLED devices, the need for high-end precision manufacturing technology, the cost is difficult to come down. OLED vendors in a handful of vendors: Samsung /LG. In the global smart phone organic screen market, Samsung Electronics accounted for 95% of the share. The problem with this situation is that the risk is high, there is no alternate resources. Samsung OLED screen was difficult to find a high price.

OLED technology is mainly in the hands of Samsung, LG and other companies in the hands of the screen core technology, including the influx of apple and other giants will inevitably lead to a large number of OLED surface screen out of stock. Data show that Samsung's mobile phone manufacturers to sell the proportion of OLED panel has more than 28%. Not only OPPO R9 capacity by Samsung screen shortage, as well as market rumors that Samsung restricted the supply of HUAWEI OLED screen, leading to the HUAWEI Mate9 series phones delayed the listing time. For the domestic mobile phone companies in 2017, OLED curved screen will become the most critical hard currency".

Samsung monopoly, forced localization process. Domestic panel companies to achieve mass production, including BOE, Huaxing electronics, Pegasus electronics also revealed the OLED panel production line schedule and production schedule. Chinese companies are implementing a massive investment in OLED panels, against South Korean manufacturers. With the Chinese companies launched a massive offensive, the future development of domestic OLED panel may be comparable to the Samsung panel market. Before and after 2018, the country will be ranked in the ranks of South Korea, the world's first throne. Not only that, Chinese companies are also in the field of business to the OLED panel extension, which makes the layout of China's cutting-edge electronic components layout becomes increasingly clear.