If one day you have to choose between apple and WeChat two, which side will you stand on?

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If one day you have to choose between apple and WeChat two, which side will you stand on?

2017-04-20 19:38:13 316 ℃

Abstract: WeChat and apple on the WeChat subscription number to appreciate the conflict behind the function, standing Tencent's App version of WeChat Store plot - small program. But before the final showdown, the two companies will save their own user value scale and irreplaceable, as well as the strategic backup mechanism.

Under the pressure of indirect apple (Apple officially announced just because of all the rules, equally) WeChat officially announced today to cancel the iOS version of WeChat number of public appreciation function, which means that users who read WeChat subscription number through apple mobile phone, will not reward to the author: if the author does not place the row in the end, Party founder unsightly reward as an alternative to the two-dimensional code.

I'm sure you probably will not abandon Apple mobile phone: for you, a reward is not a just, maybe you will be happy to finally have a reward without a right and proper reason -- so, those who expect to earn a sense of achievement and influence, and continue through the two-dimensional code rewards through your reading (although the effect and experience will be discounted) to earn income subscription number author, will not give up the apple mobile phone, including me, in spite of all grievances.

If forced down the shelf is the WeChat subscription number? You may be a little dissatisfied, but will you give up your iPhone instead of using Android? Depending on the importance of reading in your life, and whether there are other alternatives such as reading mode, you may think that today's headlines have been enough perhaps, but in general, you still may not therefore abandon apple.

But in this case, you can access the content through other reading terminal, then WeChat and Tencent may be in a disadvantageous position, because the user when reading left WeChat or the Tencent system, to spend more time on another product. But at the same time, you can still use other features of WeChat - compared to them, subscription number is only a secondary function.

What if it's a WeChat? You will stand in the WeChat side, joined the Android camp, or remain in the apple camp -- although here is not WeChat, but you can endure the day without WeChat, or by another mobile phone (Android systems) to use WeChat?

At this time, decided that you choose will be the two products in the user value of your priorities in the rankings, personally, I might have to use Android mobile phone, because WeChat to create value more than Apple's mobile phone is irreplaceable, I do not love at the same time with two mobile phone.

This assumption is just an extreme situation, apple, in most cases, WeChat is not a threat to Apple's mobile phone market competition status, but will increase its value, therefore, apple is concerned, it can share transactions not more and more from WeChat, but it is not blocked the airport, like every waiting room door have the idea of.

It is said that this is the root of the WeChat public appreciation tragedy occurred - Apple hopes to be included within the scope of its purchase of the program, which can be extracted from each of the 30% share of praise.

Apple should not receive this into? If the public number to join its purchase process, can bring an increase in revenue, so long as the final number of the author's income is more than before, it can be divided into understandable.

Under normal circumstances, the user must pay a fee to continue to use the functionality of the application, this kind of "forced" purchase behavior is apple to create value, and this value is recognized by the user, the value of Apple mobile phone, and even after deducting the price paid for the purchase application, will still get in more than Android's value system.

But this does not apply to reward, reward is not because users read the premise, is the behavior of the user after reading the voluntary, so the purchase system of "forced" this function has no value, Apple has not taken other measures to increase the rate of reading and appreciation, instead, payment process is slow and cumbersome that will let the income greatly reduced, but also from the apple into.

As long as WeChat offers an alternative to the author's revenue is not less than Apple's purchase program, WeChat in the moral and market behavior in a relatively favorable situation. Otherwise, there will inevitably be suspected of kidnapping the user, and this will ultimately hurt the value of WeChat to the user. For now, in the user's value of the balance, WeChat is in a more favorable side.

Of course, there is a saying that apple takes WeChat subscription number appreciation function, the real meaning is to express the WeChat version of the App Store plot - small program dissatisfaction, because it will shake the foundation of apple.

For apple, it is the foundation of two: one is the difference of the user value, including the design and experience of first-class mobile phone applications, App Store provides the hardware and software combination brings the experience of ascension, and brand recognition value, two is because the difference of the mobile phone and the premium, because the absolute dominant position App Store which is divided into income.

The "WeChat App Store" may make it a challenge on the two foundations (although the value of App Store in the creation of Apple's differentiation, compared with a few years ago has been greatly reduced).

Therefore, if the strategic value of small program on the Tencent is also very important, further conflict in the future of the two companies is inevitable, but whether it will rise to allow users to choose one of the two degree depends on the two companies and their strategic value and therefore more bring value to the user of the damage, and the two sides of the workarounds acceptance.

As far as apple is concerned, there is no possibility of any concessions - the strategic value is too large, and it has only one iOS, and for WeChat, although it is still not clear, but at least it has Android and iOS optional. Before the showdown, the two companies will save their own user value scale and irreplaceable, as well as the backup mechanism of the strategy.

(this article was published in two hours after WeChat, WeChat once again on the iOS version of the number of public appreciation rules make adjustments - this time even two-dimensional code a reward function also cancelled -- this number reflects the intensity of the game behind.)

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