Zhang Zhaoyang respond to gossip Romance: no interest in foreign women do not know who is

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Zhang Zhaoyang respond to gossip Romance: no interest in foreign women do not know who is

2017-04-21 19:07:02 341 ℃

Bianews reported this morning, a middle-aged China technology rich diamond bachelor was traced with the first American pop singer in single years of Internet rumors. Users have speculated that Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang and mycophenolate (Taylor Swift).

Zhang Zhaoyang himself responded this morning, it 's a rumor! No taste for women, and even mold is not heard of any of the foreign.

Internet gossip account IT Bagua shock () to analyze this:

China, middle-aged, Internet, diamond bachelor has an impact on the stock rich these conditions together with a few people.

Communicate with foreign stars, English is better, so Lei Jun. Because millet is not listed, Lei Jun will only be a are you ok". Luo Yonghao said the rich, not sure, sales of new products is uncertain, he just gave the pledge of equity redemption. Moreover, they have publicly thanks to their "silly wife".

Besides Liu Qiangdong, very good people and tea sister. As for Jia Yueting, LETV, EDAW "mess" enough to keep him busy.

The rest, Ma Zhang Ying, Robin Li Ma Dongmin, Zhou Hongyi and Hu Huan 360 has been delisted, older Cao Guowei had a wife, but these are not capable of "adultery" means.

After much deliberation, has been no movement only Zhang, but only one possible.

Gossip also has a logical analysis of the process, the United States ranked first singer who is it?

As for the heroine, must first be female, followed by the number one singer.

According to the relevant rankings, the United States ranked first pop music is Michael, ruled out. The second is Tyler Swift (Taylor), followed by Gaga, Beyonce, lady, Perry (pregnant, pregnant).

Therefore, the suspect is the biggest mildew.

Speaking of mold, not only is the United States pop music days, but also the age is not big, the experience is not shallow - 8 years for a boyfriend of 9!

15 years in March, mildew and DJ boyfriend Kevin Harris started dating, broke up after 15 months. In less than two weeks, he was photographed kissing Thomsi Drosten on the beach.

Prior to this, Jo Jonas had also been associated with the three months, was the phone's rejection of 27 seconds. Single a few months, and MV actor Lucas of tyre contact, after two months, because cannot create sparks and then. With Taylor Lautner (starred in "Twilight" werewolf), song Prince John Mel, Jack Glenn Huo ("Brokeback Mountain" the protagonist, Connor Kennedy)............

Taylor's few boyfriends almost no more than three months, it is also more difficult than the phone.

Everybody loves big gossip, so the more the more boring information is transmitted, but the entertainment reversal events emerge in an endless stream, perhaps Charles began to study from now on Taylor, a month later, Zhuo Wei energy-saving in pairs is solid. Weekend blogger.

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