Bigong Jia Yueting? Xin root capital: reports of music as a mistake can not be separated from him

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Bigong Jia Yueting? Xin root capital: reports of music as a mistake can not be separated from him

2017-04-21 19:08:51 144 ℃

IT house on April 21st, after the Wall Street Journal reported that, as the third largest shareholder of the capital of the roots of music as the founder of music Jia Yueting resigned as the company's CEO position.

Xin root capital has responded by saying that now is the music as all entrepreneurs, management team, investors work together to tide over the most difficult times, and Jia Yueting as the soul of the music as,Music can not be separated from Jia Yueting, whether it is the past, present and future, I hope the media at home and abroad do not use the article has been in the past is not intended to re mix, Jia Jia, to the music as time spent the most difficult time.

The following is a strong response to Xin root capital:

1, now it is necessary to music as all entrepreneurs, management team, investors work together to tide over the difficulties. Jia Zong as the soul of music as music, music can not be separated from the total, whether in the past, present and future.

2, we have seen the general statement and the music as the actual action. Today's music are more focused than ever before, pay more attention to pay more attention to improve economic benefit. This is what we need to see the most CEO thinking and action. Focus on the future of the major shareholders of the music network is the greatest gospel.

3, we hope that the media at home and abroad do not use the past is not the original intent of the article to re mix, to Jia total, to the music as time spent the most difficult time. Chinese need great entrepreneurs, great investment, great team, in reference to Western managers, entrepreneurs, investors and exploration China Unicorn development and growth path in line with national conditions on the Chinese.

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Today morning, the media quoted the Wall Street Journal reported that, as the third largest shareholder of the capital as the root of the hope music network founder Jia Yueting resigned from CEO.

During the 1 month of the Shenzhen IT leaders summit, Zeng Qiang said, as the most difficult time has passed. The financial record China shares music as Sun Hongbin, the future in music as a discourse on the right will exceed even Jia Yueting as Jia Yueting of doubt, had strong said, it depends on their two personal wisdom.

However, even if the expression of the music as a support, at the beginning of March, Xin root is also suspected of a round LETV stock holdings, selling the stock turnover of about 640 million yuan. In this round of selling, LETV shares fell: in March 2nd, LETV shares fell 4.2% in March 3rd, LETV shares fell again, to close at 31.89 yuan / share.

Subsequently, Xin root capital announcement said in response, "the dynamic positions make any disclosure or statement, and stressed that" no matter whether the reduction of root capital Xin LETV shares are not representative of the overall development of Xin root capital is not optimistic about the music as ecology".

In fact, back in March, before selling, between Xin and Jia Yueting have experienced root capital from the honeymoon period and then caused the rift, Jia Yueting's displeasure.

Public information, Shenzhen Xin root among the shareholders as the next generation of disruptive technology mergers and acquisitions fund one investment partnership, namely Xin root fund, established in November 19, 2013, the Department of Xin root capital subsidiary, according to relevant data, Xin root fund focused on innovative technology as the representative of the leading Internet companies provide a full range of eco fund mergers and acquisitions services globalization, strategic emerging industry investment, industrial integration etc..

In October 30, 2015, Jia Yueting and Xin Yuan fund signed an agreement to transfer its holdings of 100 million shares. After the completion of the transfer, Xin Yuan fund will hold 5.39% shares of the company, the transfer price of the proposed transfer of shares of RMB 32 yuan per share, the total price of the transfer of the total shares of RMB 3 billion 200 million yuan.

But it didn't last long. In the three quarter of 2016, as reported in the music network last year, released in October 25th, although the root of the fund is still in the music network before the top ten shareholders in the list of the top second, but the number of shares held by it has been reduced to 70 million 50 thousand shares. This means that in the three quarter of 2016 before the audit, Xin Yuan fund has sold nearly a total of nearly 30 million shares as the stock.

Not only that, as in November 6th last year after the outbreak of the crisis, although the fund announced the first time Xin root, with music as the greatest possible stand together through storm and stress, continue to provide strong financial support for the music as ecology, but once the founding partner of strong speak several times, with the contradictions of Jia Yueting officially open.

Such as in an interview in November 28th, has been outspoken, Xin root in some of the views of the problem with the music as there are differences, such as music, sports, music, as the car. For fund lending problem is more sensitive, has strong public statements to music as "major plate money can not be changed, can not be said to have lending lending".

This undoubtedly makes Jia Yueting very dissatisfied. Then in December 13th last year, Jia Yueting in an interview in the back said, "Xin root capital is just a shareholder of our two grade market only, because the music held very scattered, there is no two shareholders, three shareholders".

Who also did not stop to launch an attack on the music. In December 22nd last year, had a strong comeback in an interview, you say we are not two shareholders? The SFC can also check it. But if you say, the person who gives you the money, you don't know who you are...... But we don't care."

This series of remarks made speculation that the root of the music and music break up just a matter of time. With the January this year, the financial record of China's entry, as the music for the first time put forward the concept of the concept of two shareholders, which makes the position of Xin Yuan fund even more embarrassing.

It is interesting that, in the suspected break up, the capital of the root of the music as the evaluation of almost all turned positive. Zeng Qiang said to the media, the music is getting better, "as the corporate governance is more reasonable, more focused on business, to also have significantly improved, the staff are in place in time."

This time, on the occasion of the storm to become increasingly easy to use the car, strong and came back as the music. Xin root capital at the same time also said that the company has maintained cooperation with LETV ecology in many fields, Xin root capital also help LETV North America achieved hundreds of millions of dollars in cash and financing, which has already received tens of millions of dollars.

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