Tencent $143 million strategic stake in the giant game born in the field of Western Hills

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Tencent $143 million strategic stake in the giant game born in the field of Western Hills

2017-04-21 19:08:59 222 ℃

Phoenix Technology News (author / ASPEN) today evening, Kingsoft (HK:03888) announced that Tencent invested $143 million strategic stake in Jinshan Software Holdings subsidiary xishan. After the completion of the transaction, Tencent will hold a total of 90896795 shares of Xishan shares, accounting for 9.9% of the total number of shares issued by xishan.

Xishan games

In the future, the Western Hills and Tencent will be in the game level of cooperation between the two sides to upgrade, the west can make full use of Tencent's resource advantages, continue to expand the core user, improve market share. At the same time, the quality of the Tencent through Xishan self research products to enhance market competitiveness.

According to Kingsoft announcement, Xishan and Tencent intends to complete the transaction on the same day or before the signing of a cooperation agreement, which is also a prerequisite for the purchase of Tencent agreement. According to the business cooperation agreement, Xishanju new own game if the decision and operation is not self distribution, distribution and operations of the Tencent Chinese simplified its own new game in mainland China enjoy exclusive right of priority cooperation; if Xishanju intends to sell any external third party with its own game of intellectual property. The Tencent have the preemptive right under the same conditions.

Kingsoft Xishanju CEO CEO and Zou Tao said, "for Kingsoft, Tencent as the network security business shareholders prior to the play an irreplaceable role in the strategy of Tencent, Westhouse shares, Kingsoft is cooperation with Tencent to upgrade. Of Westhouse, this is a natural strategy to upgrade, we had through "JX Mobile Games" products such as cooperation, and established a good relationship of trust and cooperation. I believe that through this cooperation, we are able to provide users with a better entertainment experience."

Prior to this, Tencent and Xishan home has been in the game business cooperation. The beginning of 2016, Tencent mutual entertainment and Xishanju is "JX" Mobile Games, "sword net 3: Finger Lakes" reached a cooperative proxy.

In the context of the overall downturn in the end of the tour market, the west end of the tour for several years to maintain rapid growth. According to Kingsoft 2016 full year results, "sword net 3" in 2016 revenue reached 1 billion 392 million 800 thousand yuan, an increase of 56%.

And Mobile Games, Xishanju by "JX" series Mobile Games, Xishanju also strengthened in the field of mobile games in the first camp echelon position.

In the list of all kinds of games, the annual top ten games generally from the top three companies, namely Tencent, NetEase and xishan. In recent years, NetEase constantly force in the game business, so that the industry agreed that NetEase hopes to shake the status of Tencent game overlord. Tencent's strategic stake in the west, will be a great complement to the high quality of IP, Tencent may also be interested in blocking the growth of NetEase through external cooperation.