A mysterious HUAWEI suspected "Navy": xxy41902

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A mysterious HUAWEI suspected "Navy": xxy41902

2017-04-21 19:09:04 493 ℃

IT home message in April 21st HUAWEI's P10 is currently the most controversial of the mobile phone, the user constantly complaints P10's various problems such as flash mix, HUAWEI executives including Yu Chengdong to explain the problems of P10, the normal use of said mixture does not affect the user's memory.

When IT home in search of Yu Chengdong micro-blog following user reviews, found a few yellow V users get a relatively high number of points like, when we find these points into the Yellow V interface "xxy41902" this mysterious code. And are the latest.

Micro-blog users are also talking about the code, is currently not aware of these yellow V users inside the xxy41902 mysterious code exactly what.