Japan Academy of science, technology and policy introduced the model of production and research cooperation

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Japan Academy of science, technology and policy introduced the model of production and research cooperation

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Japan through technology transfer implementation of "University Promoting Law" (TLO) and a series of government activities to promote joint policy, government cooperation mechanism to a certain extent has made some progress, the industry is becoming more and more aware of the importance of opening strategy. But also pointed out that the cooperation agreement on 2002 the Ministry of education proposed the reference sample is too stiff. Even if a cooperation agreement was reached, the question of whether or not the co owner of a joint patent application could be commercialized is currently in a state of flux. To this end, in March 2017, the Japanese Ministry of education of science and technology and academic policy Bureau for the University and enterprise cooperation research put forward 11 attribution model, known as the "Sakura" strategy. At the same time, the paper also makes a study on the cooperation of government and industry in the United States, Europe and other overseas regions. Led by the Lambert toolkit in the UK, the countries in the study hope to determine the ownership of the research results at the stage of signing the contract, and hope to be able to provide a flexible definition of ownership.

1 "Sakura tool" strategy content

Considering the local university of small and medium-sized companies and entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises alone on contract representations of the environment and organization system is not perfect, "Sakura" strategy cooperation agreement signed between universities and enterprises of 11 kinds of model and model selection factors.

The main goal of the strategy is expected to total value results from the right application of transformation, including the proposed university or enterprise alone to maintain a common research results, research results share cooperation agreement and other types of models, and analyzes the selection of a specific model from several models of thinking. This strategy helps someone responsible for the contract negotiation skills is not perfect can flexibly and efficiently conduct contract negotiations, and as far as possible before the signing of the cooperation agreement on cooperation, the commercialization of research results into account, the possibility to improve the commercialization of research cooperation.

2 "Cherry Blossom tool" strategy of the basic ideas

In order to make the intellectual property rights of the research results to be applied to a wider scope, the flexibility of processing should be considered first. No matter which party belongs to the intellectual property rights, the following conditions must be met:

(1) do not limit the possibility of future research;

(2) all intellectual property rights should be properly commercialized;

(3) the substantive results of the study, in principle, to publish academic publications within the agreed period.

11 models of the attribution of cooperative research results in 3

Table 1 is the study of the results of the cooperation of the 11 models. Consider the following factors in model selection: (1) to study the contribution; (2) treatment of intellectual property rights to all University; (3) whether it is necessary to publish the results through the University; (4) the results of attribution methods; (5) whether to accept the total room.

Yellow is not compiled

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