Hu Jinqiu so fierce men's basketball team to reshuffle the national team?

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Hu Jinqiu so fierce men's basketball team to reshuffle the national team?

2016-12-24 08:49:42 841 ℃

Hu Jinqiu averaged 16 points and 9.1 rebounds this season

In last night's CBA Guangsha Fujian war, thousands of young center Hu Jinqiu, played only three quarter scored 22 points and 17 rebounds, beat the Fujian team of the national team center Wang Zhelin. Wang Zhelin scored 19 points and 11 rebounds, the data to be slightly worse, and he was in the end of the Hu Jinqiu, before the offensive side to play.

Two grade rookie Hu autumn, called CBA this season's most popular local young players. He helped the poor played 20 games, averaged 16 points and 9.1 rebounds, which in addition to the first game only got 6 points, the other 19 games scored in double performance is very stable. Field averaged 16 points in the domestic center ranked second only to Yi Jianlian, Wang Zhelin and the next round of the game in the center of the world, the second place in the National Center of the world, ranked only fourth, behind the ranks of the Chinese Center, second only to the United States, and.

So the problem, Hu Jinqiu so fierce, the Chinese men's basketball team to reshuffle the inside?

Many fans are talking about Hu Jinqiu, Wang Zhelin and Zhou Qi, which is stronger. After the two, were selected in the summer NBA draft NBA team. Many supporters of Hu Jinqiu, and even think that Hu Jinqiu has exceeded the Zhou Qi, then they also clearly concluded that, with the strength of the has played NBA. Because born in 1997, Hu Jinqiu, Zhou Qi than a year younger.

Age did not mention, our brother can responsibly say, Zhou Qi and Hu Jinqiu's age is. A CBA veteran player, recently told the Sao brother: "Hu Jin Qiuzhen is 19 years old, playing like this is really awesome!"

Anyway, Hu Jinqiu is indeed the leader in the domestic young insiders, height 2 meters 10 he has a good sense of the ball, excellent projection ability, mobile ability can also, but the body is relatively thin.

Of course, Hu Jinqiu future there is much potential, mainly depends on his own efforts. Hu Jinqiu averaged only 5.8 points and rebounds for last season's. The reason why the data soared this season, and Li Chunjiang gave him more time to play a certain relationship, and last season, compared to his playing time doubled.

Some fans will be compared in HUS and Zhou Qi, Zhou Qiben is averaging 15 points and 10.4 rebounds, scored better than Hu Jinqiu. But can not be ignored is a point, Zhou Qi is injured, this season played a.

Wang Zhelin is also the same injury, but Wang Zhelin campaign CBA5 season, in addition to last season because of injury only played 9 games on the season reimbursement, the other 4 seasons are in 20+10+. It looks as though Wang Zhelin hasn't made much progress this season, but injuries are a factor that can't be ignored. You know when I started Wang Zhelin, can Qiumeng bikhu gold much, he can even complete one-stop layup like a back.

Chinese men's basketball team to participate in the Rio Olympic Games in the list of 12 people, there are five inside, namely Yi Jianlian, Wang, Wang, Wang, Li Muhao and Zou Yuchen Zhou Qi. To everyone's current state and development trajectory, which should be the strongest sense of crisis Li Muhao.

Hu Jinqiu will be the future of Chinese men's basketball center position on a strong contender, but compared to others, he also lacks the national team level game experience. Although Hu Jinqiu also played all the way from U16, but after all, it is not the adult team game.

In addition to this year's autumn Hu, stride forward singing militant songs and Shandong's Twin Towers, Han Dejun, Tao Hanlin and Wu Ke et al., the host may also have a certain. China national basketball team the next candidate has not been released, certainly coach after he took office, the employer will have differences with the location of each Gong Luming, main candidates will also change. Men's basketball team inside the future competition will become increasingly fierce.