Women's volleyball team huireqi field is very fresh as the goddess of violence or a new love Lang Ping

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Women's volleyball team huireqi field is very fresh as the goddess of violence or a new love Lang Ping

2017-01-06 22:45:09 1195 ℃

Because of the Beijing women's volleyball team emergency recalled, Zheng Yixin has recently become the focus of people Chinese women's volleyball league. She is the Fujian women's volleyball team in the yen value play, after helping the Fujian women's volleyball team to avoid relegation to complete the task, she will meet a new challenge, to help the Beijing women's volleyball team impact four seats. At the age of 22, she is China women's volleyball font position of the bright younger generation in 2015 and 2016 two, the national team, but not 12 people squeezed into the Rio Olympic Games list. This season Zheng Yixin has made great progress, training squad would be selected a new national women's volleyball team. Last year, Zheng Yixin failed to conquer Lang Ping, in 2017 she may be a perfect counter attack.

For the Beijing women's volleyball fans, they have a treat, because at least you can see 4 women's volleyball team performance close to fresh goddess. Some people say that Hui Ruoqi is the embodiment of the Chinese women's volleyball team, however, there are many people feel that the value of the face is definitely not inferior to Hui Ruoqi. Zheng Yixin is a small fresh line, some photos last year Zheng Yixin spread to the Internet, volleyball fans have exclaimed: "is really beautiful!"

Like Hui Ruoqi, Zheng Yixin is not a vase, she is the strength to speak of women's volleyball players. Zheng Yixin inherited his father's athlete gene. Her father was 1 meters tall and was a high jumper in the past. Zheng Yixin was tall and was the sports school volleyball coach, embarked on the road of volleyball. Her growth path is smooth, selected in 2012 National Youth Women's volleyball team won Yaqingsai champions, he won the best prize block.

In 2013, Zheng Yixin had to play beach volleyball, but because of the record in general, a year later returned to the indoor volleyball court. 2014-15 season, Zheng Yixin sat on the Fujian women's volleyball team in the main font position, with outstanding performance in 2015 opened the door of the national team. Don't look at Zheng Yixin looks handsome, appears to be weak, but in fact she was playing a hard effort.

(vigorously smash hit directly at the opponent.)

(block after the success of celebrating the passion.)

Zheng Yixin height 1 meter 87, in today's women's volleyball team, her height is a disadvantage, but her jumping ability is good, flexible means of attack, which made her mark in Chinese women's volleyball league. Unfortunately, Chinese women's volleyball women's Volleyball World Cup and a galaxy of talents, in 2015 2016, the Rio Olympics she missed. Zheng Yixin two years after the main women's volleyball team to compete in various competitions, including winning the 2016 Asian Cup champion.

This year's women's Volleyball League, Zheng Yixin played very well, she was ranked twelfth in scoring, two national champion Yan Ni font and Yuan Xinyue better than down. Zheng Yixin comprehensive ability, her smash score, blocking score and ace are ranked into the top 20. This season because Xu Yunli did not enter the war, Zheng Yixin in the font position to help the team win the League ninth, completed the goal of relegation.

Beijing women's volleyball team shortly before the visit to the Shandong female volleyball team of Cao Tingting and Yang Hanyu, but eventually opted for two consecutive years in the national team training camp Zheng Yixin. Zheng Yixin after the Beijing women's volleyball coach Jiatipeng shouted confidence, hope to reach the semi-finals the slogan of 2017 dream come true. The second stage is left women's Volleyball League 4 round, Beijing women's volleyball team now ranked seventh with 9 points, but the gap is not large, if a wave of Beijing women's volleyball team can win streak, can last 4 successful counter attack.

For Zheng Yixin, this is a rare opportunity to burnish their next, every game is tough, she has the opportunity to enhance their ability in tough. Zheng Yixin was born in 1995, Lang Ping is one of the training objects of the past two years, the Rio Olympic cycle, China volleyball font position with both old and new, Lang Ping, Xu Yunli and Yuan Xinyue brought Yan Ni. Now in the Tokyo Olympic cycle, Yan Ni and Xu Yunli may not be able to adhere to the Tokyo Olympic Games, the progress of Zheng Yixin in Chinese women's volleyball team will strive to seek a space for one person, and not as the past two years that has always been brush down to two team.

A new generation of old people, 22 year old Zheng Yixin is entering the golden age of athletes career. The goddess is expected to set off a small fresh small cyclone in China paitan, by virtue of her Yan value and strength, I do not know how many fans will increase the number of brother and sister.

Fresh beauty is not beautiful?

(Su Yan is also good-looking.)

A little more mature flavor

What is the welfare of this plan?