One thing about CBA! The suspended foreign aid has hit 3 festival in Beijing eat dark deficit

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One thing about CBA! The suspended foreign aid has hit 3 festival in Beijing eat dark deficit

2017-01-12 00:59:22 215 ℃

CBA League twenty-sixth round match tonight in a full-scale war, the focus of contest in the men's basketball team in the home court Beikong ushered in the Beijing team challenge. With a stable performance of Marbury and Zhai Xiaochuan at the end of the outbreak, the Beijing men's basketball team final 92-87 victory over beikong.

To the third game left the last 1 minutes, then Beikong team free throws, dressed in suits, competition supervision suddenly rushed to the floor and the referee stopped the game, and then exchange the referee Beikong foreign aid Batista couldn't continue.

After understanding that, Batista in the game should be six times the cumulative TUD foul should have been suspended for one game.

This season in the CBA website launched a special CBA TUD Statistics (TUD players foul foul means: technical fouls, unsportsmanlike fouls and directly disqualified foul), with the cumulative number of times, to statistic and query the team TUD TUD made a foul in accordance with the provisions of the cumulative number of rules to achieve a certain amount that will be subject to a different number of additional punishment suspended, serious will directly cancel the season qualification.

In accordance with the provisions of the Basketball Association, a season (including regular season and playoffs), individual players unsportsmanlike foul number totaled 4 times, automatically suspended for an additional 1. Batista prior to the game has accumulated four unsportsmanlike foul, in accordance with the provisions of this league game this should be suspended, but the association staff did not find the problem, did not make any publicity, this should lead to the suspended Batista in the game until the third quarter hit at the end of the game supervision found this problem.

Why didn't the association found that Batista had a total of 4 times the unsportsmanlike foul? After after understanding, there are some problems in the TUD Basketball Association statistics data, Batista strange appeared in the two row, 2 unsportsmanlike foul has recorded second line, which also led to the staff did not find his cumulative number has reached 4 times.

The CBA technical statistics bad this time even cheated myself.

Fortunately, Beijing Shougang the game to win the match, if the game Shougang lose, the suspended Batista played three games and how to count? The Basketball Association mistakes like this really makes people feel difficult to understand.