The Rockets still have happiness trouble, Molei if replication harden trading, Houston three less hard to stay

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The Rockets still have happiness trouble, Molei if replication harden trading, Houston three less hard to stay

2017-01-12 01:01:41 187 ℃

Compared to the former two Rockets coach Mchale and BIKE Staff, Germany's biggest advantage may be that the young players on the aspect of the opening of the. Dekker and Harel, the two - year - old players have now become an important player in the rotation of the team. Dekker's rookie season, played only 6 minutes, but this season, he played in all 40 games, averaging 6.6 points and 4.1 rebounds and 1.1 assists, two ball hit rate as high as 60.2%, is a high IQ basketball player, known as the "rocket two generation rich handsome".

Harel is also a handful of appearances in his rookie season, averaging 9.7 minutes and 3.6 points and 1.7 rebounds, but this season, he averaged 18.8 minutes, 9.6 points and 3.8 rebounds and 0.8 blocks, shooting up to 66.5%. In the game against the Raptors, Harel first 12 shots, scoring 28 points and 5 rebounds; against the clippers, Harel scored 29 points. PER value, Harel has reached 19.8.

Harel and Dekker are now in the rookie contract, the price is very high. But the Rockets must be clear that such a good thing is about to end. Harel also has a 2 year contract of, due in 2018, and there are still a contract for a period of 3 years for the first time in the summer of, which is due to expire in the summer of 2019 by the end of the summer of. And Cappella, 2, 2018, due in the summer of. For the next 2 years, the Rockets are going to have a problem: the young players of the top three are all looking for a new contract

Harden is the unshakable cornerstone of rocket is for 5 years, even 2 hundred million, believe that will be the renewal of his thunder. It is very likely that harden will stay in Houston, and eventually retired in Houston. Gordon's contract in the current view is still relatively value, so the Rockets should continue to retain. Anderson's contract is not bad, but the strong defense of the weak characteristics of Anderson, he decided to become difficult to win the Rockets puzzle, so, once there is a better choice, the Rockets will consider trading. Ariza, Beverly is now described as rocket system in water, as long as the contract price is right, they will become Haddon's right-hand man.

What about the Rockets' three? Now according to their performance, the contract salary of about 12 million Cappella sign a Dekker; if the development direction to the 3D player so a salary may be in the 1300-1500 million; Harel efficiency is very stable, but he is the four or five player, height is high, and the limit is likely to be the orcs in Ed, so he would be more in line with the 10 million annual salary.The Rockets can't have 6, 7 million annual salary contract players accept a team, and has several copies of long contract, Morey is certainly not continue to accept long contract.

Therefore, the Rockets three less certainly someone to go. So, in Cappella, Dekker, Harel, how to choose between the three? It must be noted that the problem is that, at present, it seems that these three people may be the height of the team's first level, and not all star level. The Rockets this season the first 40 games of the season stride forward singing militant songs, 31 wins and 9 losses, which also has the idea to make the team championship. Compared to the Knights and warriors, the Spurs squad system, rockets are certainly the weakest, especially in the playoffs, is time to fight for the players, if only one person is difficult to harden, far away. Therefore, the Rockets will find ways to find another all star.

To harden and find another all star teammate, Moller is probably the biggest wish at the moment.However, in the new labor agreement will come into effect under the condition of the protection of their team all star strength, want to sign a free agent all star will become more difficult. Therefore, the Rockets won the next best star players the most likely, or through the transaction.Once you want to change the whole deal with the other way to get the other star, then Cappella, Harel, and Dekker are likely to become a bargaining chip, and even do not rule out being packaged into chips. Don't always think of their own children. Children can't set the wolf, when the Rockets traded for Harden, is relying on a lot of potential shares + picks, Adams and A Brian, now at the thunder is when players. Every shot is always high, Morey operation style.

If you really can use three rockets to small Jordan, Whiteside, such as the players of the test, the Rockets will be laughing. After all, find a Dekker, Cappella easily, find a little Jordan will be difficult.