Unlock unlimited action sports Jintongyunv, but because the desire is too strong regret breaking up

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Unlock unlimited action sports Jintongyunv, but because the desire is too strong regret breaking up

2017-01-12 01:01:58 295 ℃

When Cai Zhenhua gave the order, Hou Yingchao, Li Nan, Fan Ying, poplar and other members who love to be returned to the local team, Wang Hao and Fan Ying's relationship has ended. Compared to the strict management of the forbidden love Guoping team, other sports is not so, so just out of Lin Dan and Xie Xingfang, Qin Kai, Chen Hezi dragon fitness Xian, the envy of the energy-saving. But also sports lovers are not all can go to the end, this is a pity, for king Chen Yibing and princess He Wenna trampoline rings.

Chen Yibing, once China gymnastics team's main players, two World Championships won the champion of rings. 08 years of the Beijing Olympic Games, won the team title and men's rings champion; He Wenna, known as the "trampoline Princess", 07 years of trampoline World Championships women's team championship for the 08 year online, China trampoline history won the first gold medal, the Beijing Olympic Games is Chinese Teams thirty-eighth gold medals! And these two are all out of the Olympic champion, in their own areas to unlock many of the ultra high coefficient of action, once dominated.

Two of them look so well, and in 08 years on August 18th to win the Olympic champion. At the beginning of 2009, in an interview with He Wenna boldly admitted in love with Chen Yibing, after the two feelings warming, went to Hongkong to play, watch the concert of Eason Chan, after the games have seen their parents. But they were a people belonging to a handsome sister belonging to the category, so the audience called them "jintongyunv".

After this, the two of them micro-blog is taking a teaser, cheer each other, a big show of affection, let fans see envy. He Wenna said in an interview that the public non - Chen Yibing does not marry, and revealed that two people may get married in 2012. There are two people who live in the media, every night is very sweet at home.

However, Chen Yibing in August 2011 by micro-blog officially declared himself "because of personality clashes with He Wenna broke up already," three years of "ice man love" this huashangjuhao. He Wenna also made a sentence in micro-blog: "do not be afraid of ghost ex girlfriend, afraid of pigs as small three friends, immediately triggered speculation that Chen Yibing is one of two rich generation" mistress "rumors even clamor.

But after Chen Yibing issued a document: "guess, doubt, query, in addition to these there are other? I am tired, really tired, I do not want to explain to explain the interpretation of the fear, to hide, what do you want? Absolute control......" Chen Yibing himself is a direct "derailed" mistress, and said He Wenna control desire is very strong, and always don't trust him!

But after 2014, Chen Yibing and a single race Ti love marriage, also gave birth to the child of a happy family, and now 28 year old He Wenna was still single, micro-blog drying out only the cat and sexy photos.