Liaoning fat off Shanxi ace raid split button? The panda is really flying!

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Liaoning fat off Shanxi ace raid split button? The panda is really flying!

2017-01-12 01:02:11 142 ℃
Kung Fu Panda flying!

Sina sports news Beijing time on January 11th, Liaoning men's basketball team in the twenty-sixth round of the CBA in the evening of the 108-95 home win over. The second quarter, a great show with Han Dejun, once again let the fans see the "Kung Fu Panda" fly or ability!

This is a round Shanxi offensive, Shanxi ace defender Franklin dribbling to the midline, at this time, Han Dejun did not rush back against the basket, but to put pressure on Franklin, attached to the front of him. The sudden huge monster block in front of, let Franklin is also in disarray. In a panic, the ball flew out from his hands, Han Dejun eye, quickly to the basketball and ran back to God, Franklin naturally reluctant to send the same mistakes last time, to chase the basketball. But, surprisingly, Han Dejun height 2 meters 15, even with the speed of suppressed height 1 meters 95 Franklin, the first to grab the basketball, and take advantage of transport to the other half.

Franklin always posted on Han Dejun's side, Han Dejun showed the ball defender general, not only the pace did not panic, and firmly to the basket. Next, he is wanton show time, Han Dejun climbed high, mustering the strength, single handed the ball down into the basket! This ball is full of strength, will also be the next Franklin inertial belt down to the ground. After the fall of Han Dejun, turned to look behind the half, bulging eyes, can be described as overbearing! And CBA three double king, it became the background of Han Dejun's wonderful performance!

Han Dejun steals a dunkKorean fly up

Despite this performance, Han Dejun Bryant's performance is also commendable, he also scored 16 points, grabbed 12 rebounds. Whether it is offensive or defensive, he will show full of power, and even forced the Shanxi foreign aid Sims only once in the jumpers. Today, kung fu panda has become the Liaoning team inside the door of the pillars, there is such a tower of God inside, there are opponents who can not defeat Liaoning?