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Check timer these years smoked wind lore not first stopwatch

2017-03-18 19:18:28 171 ℃

Beijing time on March 17th, 2016-2017 CBA of Liaoning and Xinjiang season semifinals series fourth games last contested scene, Zhao Jiwei shot at the end of lore, but live video shows Liaoning's home court the timer is not normal walking table. This is not the first time CBA timer problems, after a few seasons have been such a wonderful problem.

The game played for 1 minutes and no one found against both sides: Shenzhen vs Fujian

November 10, 2015, the Shenzhen men's basketball team in the match against the Fujian men's basketball team appeared in the strange scene, from the end of the game there are 1 minutes and 42 seconds, the Fujian team to touch the ball out of bounds, the stopwatch was suddenly adjusted to 2 minutes. Both sides of the game did not find the problem, and finally the last 2 minutes and 42 seconds.

9 seconds away replay table against both sides: Xinjiang vs Dongguan

The 2014 CBA playoffs semi-final, Xinjiang and Dongguan territories, second games in this series, the two sides fight was stalemate. 9 seconds before the end of the game, Dongguan team behind the score of 3, coach Gore requested a suspension, but due to the noisy scene, the referee did not pay attention, the game continues. Dongguan team issued the bottom line of the ball, the player was almost Xinjiang Tang Zhengdong broke, foreign aid after the ball shot three points, the ball out of the basket, fell to the hands of the Xinjiang team. It was decided that Xinjiang had won the game when the referee stopped the match. At this point we found that the last 9 seconds of the technical platform did not go to the table, after confirmation to the technical platform, the referee also found that Gore requested a suspension. In simple consultations, the judge asked the last 9 seconds. Although the Xinjiang team coach Cui Wanjun protested, but the game still. Dongguan team to get the second chance to tie, but Brown's shot is still out, the timer dispute has not changed the outcome of the game.

0.5 seconds to cast a score of three unrealistic, but the headlights did not light on both sides: Beijing vs Bayi

November 22, 2013, Beijing men's Basketball Team Challenge bayi. 0.5 seconds before the final, Marbury hit the score of three points to help the Beijing team than the top 98 to 95. In this case, if you can not be a relay in the air into 2+1, is unable to tie the score. Because the basketball circle has consensus, 0.5 seconds cast time is not enough for three minutes. But the magic is that Wang Zhizhi shot before the final light, which is 0.5 seconds hit the score of three points. The referee after repeatedly watching the video that Wang Zhizhi three is invalid, because they found Wang Zhizhi in a moment on the sidelines of the ball, the timer did not go, until he began to walk after completion of turn table, this is the judgment of technology mistakes. Afterwards, the Ningbo Basketball Association has a problem Chinese basketball timer.

Siren sounded the ball without overtime change against both vs Qingdao: 81

January 9, 2013, Qingdao road challenge bayi. At the end of the game, Bayi team 93:90 Qingdao team leader, who is in the first quarter behind 23 points under the condition of doggedly chase, just hold the next 81 attack, there is hope to complete the comeback. In order to control the time, the Bayi team in a continuous pass after the attack time has been close to 24 seconds, the number of Liu Shunan in Qingdao to break the ball inside the ball, but his shot was accompanied by a 24 second offensive whistle sounded illegal. On the sidelines of the Qingdao coach who signaled the attack is 81 24 second violation, but the referee did not stop the game, Bayi team grabbed offensive rebounds in again after the attack, Liu Shunan scored three points a ball almost jose. Qingdao team immediately to the technical platform for complaints, because the time of the show that the attack time has passed 24 seconds, the Qingdao team believes that this goal should be invalid. But the play is interrupted for nearly 10 minutes under the condition that the referee has not changed, still sentenced Liu Shunan to three points, the Qingdao team eventually lost the game.

A game timer two times against the table against both sides: Beijing vs Bayi

January 2, 2013, Beijing road challenge bayi. The game process during which the two had signs of danger appearing everywhere, timer error. The first game is 3 minutes left in the second quarter, a shot of the Beijing team did not enter, then turn the Bayi team back, but also attack the Bayi in less than 10 seconds, 24 seconds bell sounded, the Bayi team on the spot to appeal, but the final determination of Beijing attacks effectively. The second is the game of the third quarter, the timer is not returned to the table, and this time the injured Beijing.

Prior to the killing of suspected timer pause against both sides: Xinjiang vs Beijing

December 12, 2012, Beijing men's basketball away challenge Xinjiang. 34 seconds from the end of the game, Beijing team behind the score of 3. Maurice hook shot, the Beijing team is still 1 points behind. Subsequently, Battelle cast wide, Li Xuelin eye picked up the rebound, the midfield quickly counterattack, and shot by Maurice as "2+1", the Beijing team in the final 2 points out. After the game, there are fans questioned the shots, the timer stopped at the last minute 2-3 seconds, otherwise Maurice can not complete the final ball in the regular time.

The attack time recalculation, sirens rang out the two sides: Guangdong Chouzhou vs

In December 4, 2012, the Guangdong team away to Zhejiang Chouzhou Road, both sides fight to overtime. Overtime to the remaining 27.5 seconds, Gong Songlin into a large pressure whistle of three points, the score into a flat of 123. The Guangdong team last attack, Diogo was almost exhausted in 24 seconds in case just hand, the ball hit the rim but wiping basket slides out to the hand of Yi Jianlian, the 24 second clock display against the red light, flute sound. A moment and the players on the pitch slightly Chouzhou bank team hesitation that Shipeng Wang had received the ball hit three points. After the trial of the referee and technology, announced that three points effective, Guangdong men's basketball team with this ball lore opponents. After the game, the game technology representative Ni Shuhua said, the reason is illegal whistle sounded, because the 24 second timer button is not pressed.

1 can juked + Juesha? On both sides: Bayi vs Qingdao

In 0.5 seconds before the murder was sentenced to void, Wang Zhizhi had a second lore experience. In November 30, 2012, the Bayi and Qingdao game with the last second, the last chance to attack the Bayi team to Wang Zhizhi, it hit a buzzer shot two ball left in the game 0 seconds, the referee after repeated study of video playback, the ball effectively, the Bayi team 101 to 99 victory over. Replays showed the ball after Wang Zhizhi did not immediately start the timer, the act of shooting until he began stopwatch, during which he even had time to do a fake Akira opponent. After the game, on the lore whether the timeout has triggered no small controversy.

2 seconds to kill the table? On both sides: Jiangsu vs Zhejiang

March 27, 2011, Jiangsu men's basketball team and the Zhejiang men's basketball team to start the CBA playoffs third games in the 1/4 finals. At the end of the game, the Zhejiang team of foreign aid Marcus Williams outside a hit three points, the Zhejiang team to lead 94:93, and only the Jiangsu team left for 2 seconds. After 2 seconds, Wright throw in, Liu Yahui Liu Yahui - after the ball and the ball to Wright's hands, the crooked posture of the ball into the basket. Lore success! After the game, the netizen said from the screenshot, throw in his approach to Wright received the ball, the stopwatch did not walk. The Zhejiang team at the end of the game has to go to the table desk questioned, but because of the provisions of the big screen playback to basketball referee, so the protest also failed.

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