Xinjiang big trouble technology platform, chase scold Zhao Jiwei, behind everything is for what?

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Xinjiang big trouble technology platform, chase scold Zhao Jiwei, behind everything is for what?

2017-03-18 19:19:24 137 ℃

By virtue of Zhao Jiwei lore, the Liaoning team in the fourth semi-final in a 109-107 win over the Xinjiang team, the total score of 1-3. Because the last minute timer did not go to the table, therefore, Zhao Jiwei's record is very controversial. According to the Liaoning reporter broke the news that the Xinjiang team of foreign teachers after the game to chase Zhao Jiwei, causing a mess.

This is just a corner of the chaos, after Zhao Jiwei dropped into the goal, Xinjiang team for the timer does not go to protest against the requirements of video playback, but we have three referees plus technical representatives so many eyes could not see the problem, then Xinjiang coach Li Qiuping and players besieged technology for claim. So chaos began in the last 6 seconds of the game.

We CBA this situation is not the first two, the coach insulted the referee, general manager of threat referee, player melee, legs and other types of situation is a new day. We do these fans can not help but ask this in the end how?

Xinjiang team today because of the referee and the players for the victory of the mood is understandable, but if it seems that some of them are not conducive to their own decisions and then make a big cry so where there is the spirit of the post? League for many years, from last year's Liaoning playback of Guangdong, to today's timer does not go, professional, professional, shouting all day long, but it is not achieved.

We learn from others NBA, the introduction of playback technology, but I would like to ask a few times to correct the correct? Instead, they become the laughing stock of the majority of fans. Forcing the players, coaches, general manager of the stadium is not just a penalty, is our league system is not perfect, is what we call unprofessional inside. Forced the club is not a rush into danger professional system, only to break this kind of thing, to improve and perfect our league in all aspects, in order to make a better road occupation.

It seems that everything will be our chairman Yao after taking office can have hope, only hope to change the referee and want to do want to bitch torii problem, build a good road to the fans occupation