Premier Sanchez broke Cech back injury Arsenal 1-3 off negative West Brom

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Premier Sanchez broke Cech back injury Arsenal 1-3 off negative West Brom

2017-03-19 07:14:30 495 ℃

Beijing time on March 18th at 20:30 (UK local time at 12:30 on March 18th), 2016-17 season twenty-ninth round of the Premier League, Arsenal away challenge Si Brown Vecchi. Twelfth minutes, Dawson scored the first record, 3 minutes later, Sanchez volley scored the equaliser, the first half end stage, Cech back injury; the second half, Ospina attack not far, Kanu chanshe break off the bench, then Dawson scored two for West Brom victory. Eventually, Arsenal 1-3 away against Sibrand, still 5 points from the first four points.

In the Premier League, the recent state of the Gunners in the doldrums, the last 4 rounds they lost the game, just beat Hull city. In the standings, Arsenal's ranking has dropped to fifth place. Si Brown Vecchi's performance this season, but the recent decline in state. In the standings, Si Brown Vecchi and Arsenal in eighth place, 10 points difference. The history of the two sides have 137 Games record, Arsenal 69 wins and 31 draws and 37 losses prevail, scoring 237 goals to lose 172 balls. The game against Si Brown Vecchi, Arsenal's record of 27 wins 17 flat 25 negative, scoring 94 goals to lose 98 balls.

The start of the game, fourth minutes, at the back, Mccauley off the ball to the ball, long East, suddenly to the left side, turn over the Mustafi pass, after no teammates follow; 2 minutes later, Sanchez stopped inside pass, Monreal forward pass, Walcott shovel shot by Evans block for seventh minutes;, Mclean left the ball, Fletcher Fletcher pulled out the cross road, on the right side, hit the sideline in Dawson plug uploaded on Sanchez.

Twelfth minutes, Sibrand get a corner kick, the ball into the middle of the road, Dawson to get rid of the defender's high jump start the ball, hit the ball into the net, Sibrand 1-0 ahead of arsenal.

Fifteenth minutes, Zach right cross restricted Sanchez after stopping cross step pulling a volley, the ball to the beam under the eaves shells into the door. Arsenal 1-1 at.

Sixteenth minutes, the stadium appeared to support the banner of Wenger, before the start of the game also called for the banner of the class of Wenger. Twentieth minutes, Chamberlain Road direct, Ramsey xiadichuanzhong, Evans the ball out of the bottom line; thirtieth minutes, Sazli right pass, inserted into the box foot long east oblique, hit; 2 minutes later, Sanchez qianchangduanqiu, inclined plug to the left side of the penalty area, shooting Chamberlain in inclined column.

Thirty-third minutes, Livermore Road direct, Fletcher insert close to ground attack by Cech turned and shot the bottom line;4 minutes later, Cech injured was replaced by Ospina.

Forty-first minutes, Beilailin cross, Zach Dapian long-range,; 2 minutes later, Sanchez was Mclean Feichan fell to the ground.

Half of Harding Park, Arsenal 1-1 temporary flat West brom.

Easy side battles, fiftieth minutes long, Zach right, Walcott swept the road, Mccauley kicked the ball out of the bottom line; 1 minutes later, Mclean gave Brent, Brent curve ball, Lonton header, the ball wide of the bottom line.

Fifty-fifth minutes, Mclean left the ball inside the Chudley, cross, cross, Ospina attack hit not far, Kanu shovel shot, the ball into the door in an offside position, Mclean did not touch the ball. West Brom 2-1 Arsenal, the lead again. 4 minutes later, Mustafi outside the foot hanging door, slightly higher; the sixty-fourth minute, Arsenal substitutions, Gigi will replace the end of the game, Walcott.

Sixty-fifth minutes, Arsenal corner, Welbeck header hit the crossbar; after 1 minutes, Kanu single chance to hit the door, Ospina was closed out, the Chudley peripheral ball through the Ospina hit the door, is Kesiqieernimen line wrecker, Brent hit long-range, high hit; sixty-ninth minutes, Welbeck was breaking Brent hook down, kick Arsenal won the right outside the area, Zach directly hit the door was the wall.

Seventy-fifth minutes, Sibrand on the right corner, Dawson road in the header, Sibrand 3-1 arsenal. 3 minutes later, Sanchez was iwobi substituted; eighty-sixth minutes, Ramsay shots on Livermore road.

The end, Arsenal 1-3 away defeat to West brom.

West Brom line-up: 1- Forster; 25- Dawson, 23- Mccauley, 6- Evans, 24- Fletcher, 8- 2- Niaomu; Livermore; Brent (71 '11- 5- Jacob), 22- (88 "47- Chudley Rumsfeld), 14- Mclean; 9- Lonton (54 4- Kanu)

The Arsenal squad: 33- Cech (37 Ospina 13-); 24- Beilailin, 20- Mustafi, 6- Koscielny, 18- Monreal; 8- Ramsey, 29- 14- Walcott (Zach; 64 '12- 15-, Chamberlain Giroux), Sanchez 7- (78 "17- iwobi); 23- Welbeck

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