The Thirteenth National Games competition schedule fresh baked, collect good, watch the game!

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The Thirteenth National Games competition schedule fresh baked, collect good, watch the game!

2017-03-19 07:16:37 249 ℃

The Thirteenth National Games will be held in Tianjin on August 27th -9, 8

This is the first time in the city

Largest domestic

Highest level

Comprehensive sports event

Yesterday, the State Sports General Administration of Sports Department announced

The Thirteenth National Games competition schedule (1)

This year, the National Games set up 31(including: swimming, swimming, diving, water polo, swimming), archery, athletics, badminton, baseball, basketball, boxing, rowing (hydrostatic, slalom), bicycle (site, road, mountain, BMX), equestrian, fencing, football, golf, gymnastics (gymnastics, gymnastics, trampoline), handball, hockey, Judo, modern five, rowing, rugby, sailing, shooting, table tennis, softball, taekwondo, tennis, triathlon, volleyball (volleyball, volleyball), weightlifting, wrestling, martial arts (International Wushu Sanda).

Notice also pointed out that the schedule may also be adjusted in time according to the needs of the work.

The following is the National Games competition schedule (1 version): click the zoom down here oh

According to the 1 edition

The first National Games will be produced in April 29th

I'm really excited about it

Here are some of the highlights for you

Key words: April 29th,

Wuqing District Cultural Park, the masses can participate

In April 29th this year, the Thirteenth National Games marathon race will be held in Wuqing District Cultural Park, will produce the first gold medal in this year's first shipped. Competition for the first time the addition of the mass marathon and 5 km Mini marathon, invite more than 10000 people to participate.

The national marathon will be 2017 Tianjin International Marathon held merger, divided into professional group of men and women marathon personal and professional group women's marathon, the masses group of individual men and women marathon 5 groups, will also add 5 km Mini marathon, the estimated total number of participants will be more than 10 thousand people, including the masses set the number of entries accounted for more than half.

Mass marathon registration is expected to start in March 20th, as of March 31st, reported full stop. The top three athletes, will be the same and the professional group, was awarded the gold and silver and bronze award certificate.

At present, the race route has been determined, starting from the square in front of the administrative center of Wuqing District, the main road Yong Yang Road, Cui Heng, Wuqing District, Tianjin Road, end point will be located in the square in front of the administrative center of Wuqing district.

Key words: Shooting (flying saucer),

Canoe (slalom)

The two games will be held in Henan City, Luoyang Province, in the event of shooting (flying saucer) and canoeing (slalom) in the Tianjin games. Because Tianjin does not have hosted the two events of the site conditions, the principle of thrifty race, the General Administration of sport in May last year, he released a notice for contractors will, finally in July last year, the two events held to determine Henan city of Luoyang province.

Key words: basketball, football, volleyball

The National Games basketball competition will begin in August 22nd, divided into four groups of men, men, women, young women and young women in the group, the host of the delegation of Tianjin in these four groups were sent teams.

Part of the men's basketball game will be held in Tianjin stadium, Dongli

The football game is divided into a total of male and female adult group and the male and female youth group of 4 groups, men's youth group game from the beginning of July 25th, lasted 10 days; women's youth group in August 9th to kick 18 days will be the champion. Women's adult group and the men's adult group competition will be held in August 28th and 29, respectively, the final was held on September 6th and 7.

Volleyball is one of the national games over a long time span to the games, men's youth group game on August 15th to 25 days; then, in August 18th to 28, the women's adult game; and in August 28th this day, men's adult games will officially start, will continue until September 7th; the women's youth group the game in August 29th to September 8 during the day.

Key words: swimming, track and field,

Canoeing (still water), gymnastics, International Wrestling

September 7th will be the National Games gold medal decide most of the day, a total of 40 medals. Among them, the track and field will be the birth of 10 gold medals, swimming, canoeing (still water), gymnastics and International Wrestling will be born more than 4 (including 4) gold medal. And on September 6th this day, will produce a total of 39 gold medals.

Key words: swimming, badminton, table tennis and other projects

The National Sports Bureau, national comprehensive many factors into consideration, the history of the implementation of cross unit team competition policy, including swimming, athletics, badminton, table tennis, a total of 10 items of 49 small items. In table tennis doubles already announced the list, the Malone (Liaoning) / Xu Xin (Shanghai), Ding Ning (Heilongjiang) / Liu Shiwen (Liaoning), Zhu Yuling (Sichuan) / Chen Meng (Shandong) heavyweight combination. Cross unit team competition policy will allow some of the competition for the project becomes more intense, the game will further enhance the viewing and suspense.

In addition to participate in the mass competition

You can also log on the official website of the Thirteenth National Games


Recommend your ideal flame collection and the characteristics of the landscape transfer site

Collection deadline for March 20th 18:00

According to the expected, the National Games torch will officially start in early August

The torch relay will last 23 days

The torch used has been completed

Is expected to be officially announced to the outside world in July

1 sanchahekou

2 Haihe River

3 Tianjin Huangyaguan the Great Wall Scenic Area

4 Tianta Lake Scenic Area

5 Tianjin University

6 Nankai University

7 Nankai Middle School

8 Water Park

9 Tianjin Cultural Center

10 Tianjin Dongjiang Bay Area

11 Tianjin Binhai aircraft carrier theme park

12 Tianjin auditorium

13 min garden square

14 Dagu Tianjin Fort ruins scenic spot

15 Tianjin Drum Tower

16 Tianjin Yangliuqing Museum (mansion)

17 fist - Chinese martial arts park

18 mercy Lake

19 Tianjin ancient culture street

20 Florence town

21 Panshan scenic area of Tianjin

22 Tianjin Jizhou District dule Temple

Tianjin Tropical Botanical Garden 23

24 Tianjin dabeichanyuan

25 Italy amorous feelings tourist area

26 Tianjin eye Ferris wheel

27 Ning garden scenic spot

28 Tianjin Haichang polar ocean world scenic spot

29 Tianjin Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall scenic spot,

30 scenic spots everywhere

31 Samaranch Memorial

32 Tianjin light Gu Tourism Resort

33 Tianjin Happy Valley

The 34 day of the world of water meters cubic meters

35 Tianjin Avenue Cultural Tourism Zone Five

36 Tianjin Yangliuqing Manor

37 Tianjin high water estate

38 Tianjin Nanhu scenic spot

39 Jiulong Mountain national Forest Park

40 immortals Mountain National Nature Reserve

41 Folk Museum (Thean Hou Temple)

42 Jincheng Jingyuan

43 recommend blessing Temple

44 Tianjin Shunde Hotel

45 small white European style street, 1902

46 Jade Buddha Temple

47 West Park

48 Tianjin Fengshan Yaowang Temple

49 Tianjin Dagang Olympic Museum

50 Swan Lake Leisure Tourism Area

The 51 Tianjin World Expo Museum Huaming

52 station training park

53 Cao Garden

54 west double Tong folk Scenic Area

55 South Park

56 Tianjin Chile style garden

57 Tianjin Haihe River Oxbow Park

58 salt Park

59 small wear Country Park

60 Ziyun waterfront Scenic Area

61 yuan GUCCI Stone Forest Scenic Area

62 Kowloon peak natural scenic area

63 Chinese stone garden

64 Jin Tang Bridge Park

65 willow youth painting Museum

66 Gate Park

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