China 3:9 fiasco canada! Members of a monthly salary of 3 thousand yuan, only with the roadside stalls to eat dinner!

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China 3:9 fiasco canada! Members of a monthly salary of 3 thousand yuan, only with the roadside stalls to eat dinner!

2017-03-19 07:18:00 132 ℃

In just the end of the 2017 women's curling championship, Chinese team lost to the Canadian team to 3-9. Some do not understand the curling China's friends said, in the face of "star of Brazil" is also the worst to lose 8 balls, it seems Chinese women's curling team and Chinese's strength is not much difference.

To say, compared with the Chinese's words, it is Chinese women's ice hockey team more, because the light from the two teams and wages will know, Chinese's strength is not strong but they can get high salaries, open luxury cars, and the women's curling team first month is paid only 1600 yuan, the team celebrated the feast only dare to eat a roadside stall!

Curling for Chinese is an emerging minority sports, Canada is the traditional curling powerhouse, or Sochi Olympic champion, and China curling team until 2003, plus the captain Wang Bingyu is at the end of last year to compete again, now the team is still running, the first game of the world championships with Canada, losing China team also can hardly be avoided.

Of course, this result does not mean that Chinese women's curling team strength is the strength of slag, instead they, in just 6 years to build the team has won 5 championship, and won the bronze medal in the Winter Olympics in Vancouver in 2010, the last time was the champion in the Asian winter just ended last month. The meeting.

Even with so many champions, China women's curling team players of previous years, the salary is low to sad! In 2008 they won the women's curling championship runner up, the salary is only 1000 yuan; until 2009 won the women's curling championship and the women's curling World Championship Games, wages only rose to 1600 yuan; even in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver for the China ice hockey team record back Olympic bronze medal, until 2014, their wages are to less than 3000 yuan.

Because the curling winner, curling bonus is far lower than other popular sports, they want to rely on bonuses out of poverty is not possible. In the women's curling team first World Championship, the team agreed to let the players go out for a good meal, to celebrate, and they just went to the beach to the collective roadside stalls to eat some ice shrimp, seafood feast! I do not know China soccer players after reading will feel ashamed?

Of course, even in difficult conditions, Chinese women's curling team players in the game are still willing to campaign for the country. Wang Bingyu's identity is now in addition to Chinese women's curling team captain, or a mother. Now less than a year old daughter, Wang Bingyu had to be separated from her daughter busy training and competition outside. Wang Bingyu's daughter for two or three months to see a face with her mother, usually only the same as we watch TV to close contact with her mother.

Although the daughter of the missing has been very strong, but Wang Bingyu has learned to miss this into a country for the momentum. Is this group of lovely respectable and strong women's curling athletes, they can get good grades in the next game! Wish they could beat their opponents in order to qualify for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pingchang! Come on, China women's curling team!