The Spanish Real Madrid 2-1 Bilbao, Benzema Casey Miro broke

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The Spanish Real Madrid 2-1 Bilbao, Benzema Casey Miro broke

2017-03-19 07:18:07 316 ℃

Beijing time at 23:15 on March 18th to start the twenty-eighth round of La Liga, a focus of the war contest, leaders Real Madrid at San Mames stadium of Bilbao sports challenge. The first half, C Ronaldo scored but offside, Ramos dived off the top, Benzema C Luo assists the scoring; the second half 65 minutes, Aduriz header equalized, Casey Milo 3 minutes after helping Real Madrid ahead again. Finally, Real Madrid win 2-1 tough to beat the Bilbao athletics, with 5 points lead.

Game highlights

- love the opponent, Benzema has scored 8 goals in La Liga for Bilbao Athletic Bilbao became the Benzema team more than and 2 goals in La Liga

Hello cake king, C Robben field two assists, since the 12-13 season sent 51 assists, the team up to

It is a corner kick, the second half of the Real Madrid to use the corner kick by Casey Milo, cross corner has become a Real Madrid offensive weapon

Difficult zero seal, the Real Madrid lost another ball, 7 consecutive games can not achieve zero seal

• header, Aduriz again into the field of a header, with 46 header tied C Luo, tied to become the most active players in La Liga header


Seventh minutes, Aduriz turned to pass, Raul - Garcia volley hook shot, the ball flying from Navas, Nacho clear.

Ninth minutes, Carvajal right cut and Benzema played after passing into the restricted area pass, C Luo outflanking play Kongmen succeed, but the linesman signaled offside goal C ronaldo.

Twelfth minutes, "the Iliad out of the right corner, Viele grab before the header high point.

Fifteenth minutes, Benitez kick precision guided Raul Stuart, Garcia header ferry, close off Viele tongshe.

Sixteenth minutes, Benzema retracement cable plug, C Ronaldo grab the defensive player before he fired a low shot, the ground rescue kopa.

Nineteenth minutes, cross out the left ball, Ramos after flying hoisting out slightly.

Twenty-fifth minutes, Casey Milo midfielder passes, C Ronaldo kept the ball pass, Benzema pad shoots the far angle to break the deadlock, Real Madrid and 1-0 Bilbao athletics.

Twenty-seventh minutes, Raul - Garcia foul on both players caused dissatisfaction with the players, the two teams clashed on the field in the outbreak of the conflict between the two sides of the game on the court, the two sides of the game.

Forty-sixth minutes, Williams right xiadichuanzhong, Aduriz rose above two Real Madrid players header, Ramos beat Navas before the ball out.

Sixty-third minutes, Williams ball tuishe, Navas fell saved the ball.

Sixty-fifth minutes, Williams right pass, Raul - Garcia is heading back to the place, Aduriz in front of close range header, Bilbao 1-1 Real Madrid athletics.

Sixty-eighth minutes, cross out the right corner, C Luo header rub, Casey Milo hit the door close to help Real Madrid ahead again, Real Madrid and 2-1 Bilbao athletics.

Seventy-second minutes, Marcello and Benzema for transfer into the box, Benzema cross, the first player B block, Marcello keep up with the high tip.

The end of the game, Real Madrid beat 2-1 away to the Bilbao athletics, 5 points to lead the standings.

Starting Line-up

Real Madrid:Navas; Carvajal, Nacho, Ramos, Marcello; Modri Casey Miro, (62'Vasquez), Cross; Baer, Benzema (85' morata), C Ronaldo (79'Isko)

Bilbao athletics:Coppa; Valencia, Laporte, de Marcos; Iturraspe, Benny Viele, Stuart (80', Lekoue Rico (59'), Raul Garcia (racing) - 86'Sousa ETA), Williams; Aduriz