Li Chunjiang: before the coach of the national team are interested, now the body can not eat

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Li Chunjiang: before the coach of the national team are interested, now the body can not eat

2017-04-21 19:18:53 86 ℃

HoopCHINA Basketball News on April 21st, China Association launched the "double team" deal, who was elected the two team coach outside become the topic of most concern. The basketball association president Yao Ming in April 19th further explanation for the selection of mode. In addition, the reporter learned that 19 evening, the hot candidate Li Chunjiang Xuanshuai served as men's basketball coach position clear "xinweitu inadequate"; and another popular candidate for the Xinjiang team coach Li Qiuping said, you have the energy of both national team and Xinjiang team.

Previously, many media reported that the Zhejiang Guangsha team coach Li Chunjiang as new coach China men's basketball team "That's final.", and said "Yao Ming has looked for Li Chunjiang and the club to talk about his poor, both Li Chunjiang and the club have expressed willingness to willing to take over."

Reporters on the evening of 19 telephone contact with Li Chunjiang, he gave the opposite answer.

"I am now the Northeast home two days vacation, some friends have asked me about it, I can only say that online news is not reliable, the association did not come to me, I am also lack xinyou." The phone Li Chunjiang not hide, he said, "I have a straight talk from an honest man, prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc disease, now side legs are wood, and I have a big old, no effort to take the national team. Thank you for your approval."

Many fans think, and Li Chunjiang called our "sword" in Li Yunlong is somewhat similar, he also has been that the fans are very suitable for national team coach. But before Li Chunjiang took the national team match, and Chinese basketball there have been some discord rumors, so he always missed the men's basketball coach.

For the men's basketball team Xuanshuai, Li Chunjiang frankly admitted that he was the head coach of the national team knot, "before I did the coach of the national team is interested, but due to various reasons, missed is missed. Chinese men's basketball team will usher in a great challenge, as a practitioner of Chinese basketball, I actually came up with a force, but I really do not have a good body, can not eat."

Li Chunjiang can not serve as the men's basketball coach, then another popular candidate Xinjiang coach Li Qiuping and how?

These two days, returned to Shanghai to rest Li Qiuping in an interview in Shanghai said that he did not have the energy to take into account the national team and the Xinjiang team, "as a coach, be in charge of the national team, it is certainly the peak of career. But as my present state, do not have so much energy with two teams, and with the national team and the Xinjiang team with the requirements is certainly not the same, the end of the season I had almost no rest, if led to begin preparations for the national team, I really do not have so much energy. I will take this person with a good, after all, is to complete the goal of Chinese basketball, to put their heart into."

It is understood that after the original idea is the selection of "old" two managers, each with a national team, through the competition to compare. Today, Li Chunjiang and Li Qiuping basically no chance, meet with a high level of coaching experience preferred "Marshal also left out, but fortunately the young candidates are Wang Zhizhi, Li Nan and others can be optional.

In addition to the problem of the coach candidates, double national team, the new selection model also raised questions. Many people have said that this new model is There are both advantages and disadvantages. benefits, the introduction of competition, will have to exercise the role players, but the disadvantages are also obvious.