Friends Frey Dieter next year to play CBA when the second Marbury but want to play God NBA

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Friends Frey Dieter next year to play CBA when the second Marbury but want to play God NBA

2017-04-21 19:19:03 71 ℃

Jimmy Frey Dieter was a NBA outcast, joined CBA in Shanghai last season after helping the team reached the semi-finals, and became the top scorer in the CBA, he has recently published his last season in the treatment of CBA.

After being abandoned by the Nuggets, Frey Dieter decided to go overseas gold, he joined the Shanghai team of the men's basketball team, he is not clear about his future, he does not understand CBA. He just heard a few friends talk about CBA.

In Shanghai this season is the most serious problem of diet in Frey Dieter, at the Western-style food not eaten snacks, these Steamed Rice cooking Chinese food, there is a huge gap between Chinese and American food, Shanghai is the most populous city high Chinese here, what kind of food to eat. When CBA started, Frey Dieter faced a lot of away games, he warned himself to adapt to this life.

Frey Dieter said: "once you get to a different city, will sigh do not know what to eat, I eat pizza may not buy, can eat some boiled egg with a large number of Steamed Rice, it makes me eat vomit, returned to the United States I have not eaten these things."

The food does not adapt and have no effect on Frey Dieter's performance on the field, the 2011 10 rookie, was Chinese fans known as "the lonely God", in CBA he averaged 37.6 points, shooting 47.4%, three hits 38.6%. He also received foreign aid MVP, he is the best foreign aid in CBA.

Some of the original American NBA player in the lockout has been made when CBA data is not so high. Like Smith JR- field are 32.4 points, hit rate of 49.7%, the Wilson - Chandler field average hit rate of 26.6 points of 45.7%. Frey Dieter has a great advantage in CBA, his speed, shooting is no solution. Andrew, a columnist for a basketball website in China, said that the most frightening thing about is that he has three points in the game. He has a full range of offensive skills and often has a fantastic performance. He said: "many fans love Frey Dieter's confidence, is perfect for him, you have to show their confidence in the field of CBA, you must have enough shots, you must have confidence in his shot."

Fred Telai Chinese wear before the 2015-16 season had played in the development of the union, then the effectiveness of the Westchester Nicks team, averaging 21.1 points and shooting 45.8%. But the 16-17 season has been unable to find the right opportunity, Frey Dieter in the good friend of Jackson - Amery's decision to come to China to try. Amery said: he had wanted to go to Europe, I think CBA is more appropriate, the season is very short, get the wages are not low, I think there is a chance to succeed."

Frey Dieter now has a lot of fans in China, he worked for the NBA Hall of Famer Yao Ming, his performance in the CBA also spread to the United states. His former teammate Hart Sok said: "Jimmy put his performance in the CBA back to the States, I hope we can see him next year 120 points, which I look forward to, I believe his ability."

Frey Dieter is considering next year's choice, he recently rejected a NBA team for him to open a 10 day contract, he believes that NBA is not their own arena, friends also advised him to continue playing CBA next year. Amery said: "in CBA Frey Dieter is a Durant player, he is the best scorer, when you become such a player will be very interesting, CBA the most suitable for him, he should consider continuing to play there."

Amery is a jazz fan, he was in the United States in software design work, he said: "obviously, Frey Dieter knew that he was no Westbrook, I think he may be the Jazz Neto as players, he can play fifty minutes, but I am Jazz fans, his shirt is sure to be popular, in addition to a larger value he but it can also create a."

Now in front of Frey Dieter there are two ways, one is to find ways to stay in the NBA play, and the other is to go to China to create a legend. Frey Dieter said: "I just want to be a good basketball player, I think I have a chance to do it, of course, I still want to be successful in NBA, in the NBA stadium hit so many balls, I also have a beautiful moment in NBA, is very bad, I need to hard, don't let me down."

Former Chinese NBA star Marbury became a legend, he helped the Beijing team won the three championship, and also got a green card in China, Beijing also built a bronze statue for him. Friends also want to wear second Techeng Fred Marbury, Crawford said: "if Jimmy choose to return to CBA, he will succeed, I believe he will create enormous wealth."