"Do it alone," Wei less play remnant thunder, after the outbreak of the conflict broke out in the locker room, fear of being swept rockets?

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"Do it alone," Wei less play remnant thunder, after the outbreak of the conflict broke out in the locker room, fear of being swept rockets?

2017-04-21 19:19:09 73 ℃

The first rocket was bloodbath, the second is the rocket reversed, two nil behind a large margin, it got worse? If the thunder is losing the first game, war technology rocket was curbed, then lost the war rockets, without fear to speak, just be star Westbrook last is not cool to play dead......

The game play is more reasonable, both ends of the more aggressive the thunder, the three quarter has been in control of the initiative in the game, the Rockets have been tenacious chase points, but with Westbrook God of the play, most of the time the thunder ten points ahead of the Rockets, however, in the fourth quarter, the Rockets in harden under the leadership played a series of beautiful, 115:111 successfully reversed. In contrast, the thunder team, the last moment completely fall into the individual's own go alone, Wei less completely obsessed with the performance of the individual, completely forget the organization's responsibility to revitalize the whole team.

This game, personal data Westbrook enough gorgeous, 51 points and 10 rebounds and 13 assists 3 large double, in the history of the NBA can be stunning, but this data becomes feeble in the face of defeat, is the so-called "into also Xiao He, be defeated also Xiao He", is the first three Westbrook single handedly. The magic performance team was able to succeed once Zhichizhiyao, Westbrook is in the last section to choose a road of no return, it will come to nothing in his first three day painstakingly accumulated advantage from team leaders to "go it alone", and it was thunder headed star playing disabled.

Let us recall that, in the fourth quarter, what has been done? No day he shot 18 times, iron 14 times, hit rate of less than 25%, at the crucial moment, Westbrook regardless of the presence of my team-mates, the eye in addition to the basket or basket, hand does not stop, crazy blacksmith. Let all the teammates follow him running, completely lost his mind, let the players in the empty place and clap to the ball, never believe that the team to choose their own way. It is because he too want to win the game, so want to single handedly save the team, so the final modified by unbalance, the final two nil behind a large margin, the rocket was cornered.

After the game, according to the NBA reporter broke the news, the thunder team locker room infighting broke out, Adams headed center in the locker room at Westbrook roar: "we are a whole, we do not care about what data, we don't want to just give you wipe my ass, we want to win!". The whole game, Adams played 27 minutes, actually only shot a 3 time. In the face of Westbrook repeatedly ignored, Adams finally unbearable, so angry, Westbrook is excusable, but the face of Adams's accusations, Westbrook argued for a few words after a silence, apparently, Westbrook also means that their field is not calm.

Two percentage points behind the ratio, the thunder and the emergence of life and miracles? In both the overall strength of contrast, Westbrook next if not change the style of play, is not sufficient to use the strength of the team, thinking of his spirit as "savior", then, the Rockets swept the thunder, I am afraid it can hardly be avoided......