Yu Hanchao: some Liaozu able to avoid relegation, if can not go back

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Yu Hanchao: some Liaozu able to avoid relegation, if can not go back

2017-04-21 19:19:17 71 ℃

Tiger football April 21st evening, Liaozu away to Guangzhou hengda. Before now, Liaozu Hengda players Yu Hanchao accepted the "Shenyang Evening Post" interview in the Old World War before the lord. He said Liaozu will definitely stay in, if we can go back to never leave.

On the old main Liaozu, Yu Hanchao said: "every game with the Liaoning team will not feel the same, I believe this is the same, but the pitch was also able to match it. The league is long, a total of thirty games to play, every game is very important for the Liaoning team, in the long process of the entire league, Liaoning needs to consider all. I believe that by the end of the season, the Liaoning team will remain in the super."

The possibility of a foreign return in the Chinese Super Liaozu, said: "the Liaoning team can not be replaced in my heart, I give it all to the distant full love special deep. If the time is right, I want to go back, if I can go back, I don't want to go."

On the return of the national foot, Yu said: "the national team coaching team really with me through. After all, seriously injured after a long time did not play the game, so the coach of my state is not very understanding, Lippi I hope to recover as soon as possible through the game. I am now in the normal rhythm of recovery, and good recovery."

On the plight of Hengda, Yu said: Hengda did not encounter unprecedented challenges. Every year we meet with difficulties in stages, but this year the difficulties come earlier. This year's schedule is very difficult, the first four games every game is strong, so we physically and mentally is very tired, but we had a difficult stage, I believe we will become better and better."

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