Zhu Ting dominated Japan's coronation MVP and was named the best team

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Zhu Ting dominated Japan's coronation MVP and was named the best team

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In 2017, the FIVB women's Volleyball World Cup finals of the contest started in Kobe, Keifer defeated the Brazil giants Rexona Bank w to 3-0, after a lapse of four years once again took Zhu Ting, who scored 19 points, scoring once again become! Zhu Ting also became the first Chinese player to win the World Club Cup, while in individual awards, Zhu Ting won the MVP and the best two major awards. Zhu Ting a season to get the Champions League and the Club World Cup two champions, and became the Club World Cup and Champions League double MVP! To be the most successful Chinese player in the history of women's professional competitions!

Keifer watt bank group phase were defeated the Brazil giants Rexona, dynamo Moscow, and host Hisamitsu pharmaceutical women's volleyball team to three straight team ranked first. The semi-final, Keifer watts bank to 3-1 against old rivals Issa Chiba F, in the final, Keifer watts 3-0 swept the women's volleyball team won the Rexona bank. Zhu Ting got the highest 19 points in the game. Because Hisamitsu pharmaceutical strength is too weak, Zhu Ting even got the rest of the opportunity, Lang Ping was responsible for the performance of Zhu Ting's commentary simply did not comment on the opportunity.

At the award ceremony after the game, Zhu Ting won the MVP and the best two major awards. Following the 2012 Yaqingsai, 2013 world championship, 2015 Championships, 2015 World Cup and 2016 Rio Olympic Games, the Champions League MVP, Zhu Ting won the seventh MVP contest, Zhu Ting spent 6 years in Ho hold 7 contest MVP, swept the national team and club double MVP award.

Before the Club World Cup, the Japanese media have praised Zhu Ting is the first World Women's volleyball team, Zhu Ting MVP plays to prove his supreme position deserved queen volleyball.

2017 women's volleyball team World Cup team best team:

Main: Zhu Ting (w Keifer bank), Gaby (Rexona)

Font: Polya g (dynamo Moscow), Ackerman (Keifer watts)

Second: Yamaguchi (NEC red arrow)

Backup: Boskovic (Issa Chiba F)

Freeman: Popovich (Zurich)

MVP: Zhu Ting (Watts Keifer bank)

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