No retirement! By the age of 31 women's Volleyball National team again had to donate bone marrow to save the mother

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No retirement! By the age of 31 women's Volleyball National team again had to donate bone marrow to save the mother

2017-05-18 19:19:42 428 ℃

Recently, the Shanghai media interview with former women's Volleyball National Champion Ma Yunwen China, in order to play the games, mayunwen also made a comeback. In fact, Ma Yunwen, who has been absent all season, has made a lot of effort to get back to the game. This return, mayunwen brought back a lot of memories of exhaust fans.

From the door of the sports man named to the 2005 China women's volleyball team, the national team has become the main font. After many competitions are China women's main members of the 2008 Olympic Games, the 2010 World Championship, 2011 World Cup and 2012 Olympic Games, mayunwen is absolutely the core members in the national team. Unfortunately, mayunwen peak times, women's volleyball suffered a slump. China's continuous Huanshuai, mayunwen and let her with a number of players have been delayed a promising career.

Lang Ping coached the women's volleyball Chinese, Ma Yun man is no longer young, in fact man has always wanted to build a career in Lang Ping's account, she had said: "do not Lang guide players will regret for life". Can not be selected Chinese women's volleyball team, but did not leave the man volleyball, the National Games, Mawen back. Now man is almost 31 years old this year, is a veteran of the hundred-percent. In fact, Ma Yun Wen once teammates are left the stadium, but the man still single now, continue to strive for the cause.

Now, in addition to being a volleyball player and still a fashion star, she has appeared as a guest on the previous Hunan TV show, "I am the great beauty". Of course, in order to return to the court Mawen also paid a lot of effort, and for the Shanghai women's volleyball, veteran's return of great help, after all, Ma Yun man's experience and ability is beyond doubt.

It is worth mentioning that the Shanghai media reports, Ma Yun Wen's mother last season was very ill, so man to take care of the mother during the bone marrow donation efforts, unfortunately still failed to save the mother's life. Ma is a good filial son, but also to Chinese women's volleyball fans brought countless joy, I hope her life is good.

The National Women's volleyball preliminaries, really a lot of things, we can not only see the war Hui Ruoqi, Zhang Changning, Zhu Ting Gong Xiangyu, and even see the net two generation China women's Volleyball National Champion Ma Yunwen and Zhu Ting, how can we miss such a wonderful.