All the women's volleyball preliminaries Zhu Ting Henan negative Shanghai two defeats them

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All the women's volleyball preliminaries Zhu Ting Henan negative Shanghai two defeats them

2017-05-20 01:35:37 144 ℃

Beijing time on May 19th, the Thirteenth National Games women's volleyball team started the preliminary contest second days. In Shanghai, Zhu Ting them, Henan women's volleyball team lost 0-3 to host Shanghai, suffered two defeats, Shanghai harvest two wins, three specific score of 23-25, 19-25, 14-25.

Zhu Ting helped tile Keifer bank to win the World Cup championship, to overcome the journey, rushed to Shanghai, followed by the Henan women's volleyball team to participate in the National Games preliminary contest, which is also the Rio Olympic Games, Zhu Ting in the country's first competition. The first match, the Henan women's volleyball team to face the New Champions League, Jiangsu women's volleyball team failed, but successfully snatched a game, Zhu Tingrongying scoring king. The face of Shanghai women's volleyball team, Henan team, although the overall strength than the opponent, but Zhu Ting, still can not be.

In this game, both sides sent the main starting, Shanghai women's volleyball team line-up for the main Zhang Yichan, Yang Jie, Xu Jiujing, Ma Yun Wen Fu Gong, Ji Xiaochen second, when Zhang Lei, a free man Wang Weiyi; Henan women's volleyball team line-up for the main Zhu Ting, Cai Xiaoqing, Huang Ruilei, Hu Dandan, Fu Gong Li Weiwei, second, Fan Hong Chen collusion free man, Zhong Manying.

The first game, the Henan team to start a large fluctuation, although Zhu Ting attacks force, let Shanghai team stop - there is no way, but Cai Xiaoqing and Zhong Manying a series of mistakes, the Henan team in the passive. In front of the advantage, Ji Xiaochen successfully invigorated the team's offensive, Zhang played the wind and water, two, four bit after another scoring, Shanghai women's volleyball team was 21-14 lead. The passive, the Henan team did not give up, Zhu Ting block Jiangong, No. four and back scoring offense, the Henan team will be close to the critical moment, the only team in Henan, Zhu Ting this point of attack, attack teammate invisible, but the Shanghai team to host more flowering, 25-23 come out on top.

The second game, Hu Dandan intends to activate the fan and Cai Xiaoqing Chen Xiang Zhu ting in the attack, under the cover of Fan Xiangchen, Lee Wei Wei attack attack score, but in the bar area, Henan women's volleyball team have to keep up with the rhythm of Shanghai, in the face of Mawen back, Zhang Yichan the four a storm means good, fortunately Zhu Ting is awesome, the Henan team to 18-20 bite the score. Board at the end stage, Hu Dandan pass the confidentiality is not strong, resulting in Zhu Ting attack was stopped dead, but the Shanghai team made a small wave of high tide in follow up a victory with hot pursuit, after a 25-19 victory.

In the third game, Li Weiwei and teammate blocked the score, Zhu Ting counterattack spike succeeded, Henan women's volleyball team opened to 3-0, 5-1 lead, Wang Zhiteng was forced to request suspension. Passive, Mawen back up their offensive, Zhang Lei tested, the Shanghai team played a small climax, to lead the score 13-10. Bureau of stage, Zhu Ting No. four violent dunks score but Cai Xiaoqing serve directly out of bounds, the Shanghai women's volleyball team still maintained a three point lead. Next, Cai Xiaoqing went flying, fan Chen Xiang attack out of bounds, the Henan team in the downturn, the score was rival to 20-13 opened. Board at the end stage, Henan team failed to restore the decline, Zhu Ting ball turnovers, Shanghai women's volleyball team to get the match point 24-13, with Zhu Ting served out of Shanghai women's volleyball team to 25-14 victory, the Bureau of 3-0 defeated the Henan team, won two straight, but the Henan team suffered two defeats.

According to the schedule, Beijing time at 16:30 on May 20th, Zhu Ting's Henan women's volleyball team will face group match, third opponents Beijing women's volleyball team.