The basketball association to understand, China football?

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The basketball association to understand, China football?

2017-05-20 01:35:44 64 ℃

These days with high temperature while domestic sports have a fight, that's hot smell continues to heat up, the heat of the women's volleyball team is Chinese hero Lang Ping served as vice chairman of the association of this Chinese. Understand people know, Lang guide elected will push forward the China volleyball bring a bright prospect in the international forum of influence.

In fact, China's sports in the new cycle of the Tokyo Olympic Games began, the process of substantial reform is obviously accelerated, it can be described as drastic. The chicken after the Spring Festival, Yao Ming to the community elected China Basketball Association president in the circle and caused no small stir. I think, Yao Ming's experience and spirit as chairman of the association, is China's basketball and even China's sports reform and development of a landmark event. Yao Ming took office soon after the launch of the two important reform measures, one is the national team set up by the recruitment system to invite, the red head file into this invitation, in the past is not Chinese basketball before, starting from the angle of respect for players, chairman Yao this change is very human, it looks just change the form, but it is Chinese basketball occupation reform an important step. Two is the introduction of two men's basketball team and double coach, I hope you can tap more basketball talent, although this reform has been opposed by many people, but not reform will not be a way out, long pain is better than short pain!

Now, Lang Ping also served as vice chairman of Chinese Association, as China people identify what people volleyball action points a praise. Status of "iron hammer" and China women in the eyes of people not the same in general, Lang Ping's coaching career is brilliant, since 2013 to return to coaching, the women's Volleyball World Chinese back from the bottom, the first is led back in 2015 the same year the Asian leader, and women's Volleyball World Cup champion through rio. Of course, the most people to mention the gas is that Lang Ping led the Chinese women's volleyball team again after 12 years to win the Rio Olympic champion. Results no doubt, I think as the Lang guide to lead the advanced idea, promote the cultivation of young volleyball coaches, strengthen team construction, improve the level of competitive volleyball, to further promote the volleyball movement, can be said to be the best candidate for the development of China volleyball is be of great advantage.

The question is, now the Basketball Association and the association to understand, as the influence of the three ball in the biggest football next will have the same action? From my opinion, at present China football is no such as Yao Ming and Lang Ping have a certain influence in the international figures into the association. This is not underestimate Chinese football, football is the main China too sneakingly, shouted many years should start, now still Chinese football baby this is how the fans cry piteously for food, not embarrassed? Although the super is squandering charming eyes into a lot of money, but only made Chinese football or nothingness.

A few years ago, the first national team striker "Hao cannon" Hao Haidong, the first Asian Football China Mr. Fan Zhiyi have been clamoring for the campaign Chinese Football Association President, Hao Haidong is confident: "if inflation is really for the football, I would like to go when the chairman of the football association. If one day, I will die for Chinese football, dedicated, although this may provoke criticism, I would hesitate to do." But from the actual situation and the achievement of Chinese football, power distance China chairman of the Football Association of the two players is long distance. A few days ago, China Football Association executive vice chairman Zhang Jian was elected FIFA director for Chinese football to win a certain amount of discourse on the international stage, some people even said that the China in the future is expected to become the center of world football new geography, China Football Association also intends to bid for the world cup, of course it's not bid for the World Cup Football Association to say, this is a national project. So, now is the first Chinese football revival, cultivate the real super players, maybe then, Chinese football association management level will be like Yao Ming, Lang Ping such a figure, I hope so!