Li Xuepeng was red card, not wronged, kick free, do not concentrate, let Hengda trapped passive

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Li Xuepeng was red card, not wronged, kick free, do not concentrate, let Hengda trapped passive

2017-05-20 01:35:49 69 ℃

Beijing time on the evening of May 19th, the focus in a game in the tenth round of the home court, sits in Guangzhou Hengda ushered in Jiangsu Suning the final challenge, Guangzhou Hengda Alan rely on the plum to open two degrees, in the home court to beat Jiangsu 2-1 in Suning, get over the six straight at the same time, also firmly ranked top of the table.

Originally the game both teams play good game, but because the two players in the game play action, resulting in repeated scenes of conflict, the conflict is the most serious game in the second half 80 minutes long, Guangzhou Hengda left back Li Xuepeng and the Jiangsu Suning striker R Martinez tied together, the last two teams of players the collective to find the referee theory, the final judge R Martinez and Li Xuepeng were given a yellow card, because Li Xuepeng had a yellow card in the body, so a total of two yellow cards to be sent under the red.

This game, Li Xuepeng left the downturn in the performance, not only the defensive end by Teixeira and R Martinez for the impact, but also in the winger as almost no, don't understand why Scolari would reuse him and give up zou.

On a trip to Changchun Yatai, Li Xuepeng's performance is just passable, playing very casual, one of the most serious dissatisfaction to Scolari, is the second half soon before the end, Li Xuepeng was in the backcourt with fire, was almost Changchun Yatai equalised.

Seventy-eighth minutes into the game, when the Guangzhou Hengda is at the leading edge ball, Li Xuepeng in the backcourt is not tight situation, even casually blind the Bigfoot, the ball just hit each other player's body, play to their frontier closed area, Changchun sub Thai striker Ihalo before the formation of quasi single power plug fortunately, Harlow tuishe, Iraq is out was sincere, but the ball was out on the left column.

Tonight, home to Jiangsu, Su Ning, Li Xuepeng still so casual, in front of the game has repeatedly offside first, this game may be Scolari dare to use it. And this game, Li Xuepeng accumulated two yellow cards were sent off, it can be described as not wrong, the action is a bit big.

With Li Xuepeng after the end, Guangzhou Hengda only 10 people against, in a passive situation, fortunately, the team finally put 2-1 of the score remained at the end. The next super suspension, Li Xuepeng just to reflect on, let Zou Zhenglai kick, at least not let a person feel, Zou is very casual play.