Panda Cup - Zhou Junchen broke the door, Chen Guokang send points, green 1-2 regrets, negative Iran

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Panda Cup - Zhou Junchen broke the door, Chen Guokang send points, green 1-2 regrets, negative Iran

2017-05-20 01:35:57 130 ℃

Beijing time on May 19th night at 20 o'clock, China panda cup youth tournament second round kicks off, Chinese national youth against Iran National Youth team. Liu Ruofan even made a murderous, non sand plum to open two degrees, Guo Tian Yu pass, Zhou Junchen equalised, Zhu Chenjie line out to resolve the crisis. In the end, China's National Blue 1-2 lost to Iran national youth, suffered two consecutive defeats.

In the first round, China National Youth lost to the Hungarian national team, the offensive team is weak, the defensive line repeatedly hit the test, the game against the Iran national youth team, a large area of personnel adjustment, looking forward to ushering in a victory.

In the first half of the game, China's national youth took the lead in kicking off, and in the opening stage, the Chinese team failed to tie the line. Fortunately, the goalkeeper promptly confiscated the ball. 6 minutes, ghaderi times the ball forward, the area periphery was at Lengjian, fortunately, was confiscated by the goalkeeper. 15 minutes, the sand non circle arc ball straight after killing the forbidden area, facing the goalkeeper tuishe hit the far angle out.

20 minutes, Chinese national youth left out corner, inside the box is a mess, with Zhu Chenjie lob was confiscated. 22 minutes, Liu Ruofan ball to the front line, Sun Xuelong area turn and volley was confiscated.

23 minutes, Abdul leg kick to the head of the other side, the referee booked decisive.

26 minutes after teammate Liu Ruofan cross, the ball into the penalty area, straight out, but hit the door before the ball was out. Since then, both sides have offensive and defensive, but it is difficult to have a good opportunity to break. 44 minutes, Abdul in the defense Shalifei flying down, the referee booked. A minute later, after the penalty area, the team picked up his teammate and passed the header to the top.

Easy side battles the second half, 47 minutes, Sun Xuelong sent precise straight up, Guo Tianyu did not catch the ball.51 minutes, the sand out of the big non closed front kick, the ball hit the wall and keep up with the volley into the net, Iran 1-0!

55 minutes, Luo new cross the area, Zhou Junchen left the ball out of defence and shooting in beam pumping.65 minutes, Guo Tian Yu left the return, follow Zhou Junchen trip the ball into the penalty area, the small angle shot into the net, tie the score was 1-1!

67 minutes, ghaderi left back, the spot near hasrah tuishe yuanjiao, Chen Guokang magic door line rescue.

74 minutes, Chen anti box ghaderi down, the referee decisive penalty kick, the non sand overnight, once again leading the Iran, 2-1!

83 minutes, fish Jun Wei left free kick, the ball directly to the door before being confiscated. 86 minutes, Guo Tianyu pass the ball into the restricted area, and then fell to the ground, the referee did not express. 89 minutes, Zhu Chenjie defense flying burst shovel, the wrong teammate Li Ming shovel in the ground.

In the end, China's National Blue 1-2 lost to the Iran national youth, suffered two consecutive defeats.

Teams from both sides:

China U19 national youth team: 22- Qi Yuxi, 2- Ronaldo (New 73 '23-, 3- 4-, Li Ming Su Shihao) Huang Ruifeng (46' 27- Xu Yue), 5- Zhu Chenjie, 8- Cai Haochang (46 '9- Guo Tianyu), 10- Liu Ruofan, 11- Sun Xuelong (7-, 16- fish juwai), Zhou Junchen 17- (anti Chen 76 "20- Liu Chao Yang), Abdul 19-

Iran youth: 22- Zadeh, 3- Sadisha, 6- Hameni, 7- (82 "9- hasrah cazzani), 8-, 10-, Beishawei SHARIFI Ge 11-, 14-, 17- and DEH Saadawi Dudley, 18-, 19- (61 'Jalal Kushki Assad 23- Battie)