Zhu Tingyu is the worst season glorious defeat! 7 national champion women's Volleyball World First still powerful siege

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Zhu Tingyu is the worst season glorious defeat! 7 national champion women's Volleyball World First still powerful siege

2017-05-20 01:36:11 120 ℃

The highly anticipated National Games, women's volleyball preliminaries, Jiangsu and Henan showdown finally staged. As expected, although Henan has the world's first women's volleyball team Zhu Ting, but eventually 1 than 3 defeat to the new overlord of Jiangsu women's volleyball league. The scores in the four games were 25-16, 21-25, 25-23, 25-16.

This war attracted many people's eyes, after all, Zhu Ting is now the world's first person, and her opponent is the league's new champion. A lot of people are looking forward to, Zhu Ting can people staged a heroic triumph over the team, however, this is a nice dream.

Judging from the overall strength of both sides, the Henan women's volleyball team is obviously at a disadvantage. In fact, the Jiangsu women's volleyball team is not in good condition, after all, it is the first official competition after the end of the league, and they are still looking for the state of the process. However, in the face of the best in the Jiangsu women's volleyball team, Henan women's volleyball or take opponents can not help. More often, they can only rely on Zhu ting a little storm.

Although his teammates suck, but Zhu Ting continued to show the world the first person. The whole game, Zhu Ting 34 buckle 18, got 20 points, the success rate of 52.94%, efficiency of 38.23%. In addition, Zhu Ting 37 pass 15 in place without errors. If the score is 10 points, Zhu Ting's performance can be marked with a full score of 10 points. On the court, she can be said to be a second attack and should be taken into account.

Zhu Ting tried his best, but his teammates really had limited strength. But opposite Jiangsu women's volleyball team, but has Hui Ruoqi, Zhang Changning, Gong Xiangyu, Diao Linyu, Xu Ruoya, Wang Chenyue and Chen Zhan and other 7 powers, so super strength to win the game is also reasonable.

This battle is Zhu Ting this season suffered the worst defeat, of course, for her, glorious defeat. It is worth mentioning that the game of Lang Ping and also an Jiajie on the sidelines, for Zhu Ting, Lang guide naturally very pleased. After the game, Zhu Ting also took Hui Ruoqi's small hand, quite love, together to find mentor Lang Ping.

Lost to Jiangsu, also in Henan's plan, in fact, Zhu Ting still has the confidence to lead Henan women's volleyball team to enter the National Games final stage. Of course, for the Henan women's volleyball team, it is the key to make good use of Zhu Tingcai. The first match really has a lot to be summed up.