Exposure Jonas brings foreign assistant to join Guangdong, will also serve as commander in chief

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Exposure Jonas brings foreign assistant to join Guangdong, will also serve as commander in chief

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A recent China before the men's basketball coach Jonas Kazlauskas will return to the China coaching news has been in the online speculation. Some say it will coach the CBA team, and it is understood that it will coach the national team. However, it is reported that Jonas will join the CBA Guangdong Hongyuan basketball team. I recently call the Tigers basketball club general manager Zhu Fangyu to verify the matter, Zhu Fangyu did not deny, but said details still talk about the inconvenience, but the club will have to wait until the next official declared posted on the official website and official winnerwaybasketball micro-blog, WeChat.

This time, Jonas signed the Guangdong Hongyuan, which is the two sides since 2014 to join hands again. Moreover, the sporting big business reporters also confirmed from the competent authorities, Jonas will also serve as the Guangdong provincial basketball team commander, led the expedition in September this year, Tianjin national games. It is worth mentioning that, this time with Jonas came to China as well as a teaching assistant and a fitness trainer, these two are follow Jonas in 2016 Rio Olympic Games Lithuania men's basketball team members.

It is understood that this is Jonas with the Lithuania Basketball Association's consent before they were allowed to coach team to China, this also means that Guangdong Hongyuan will enjoy the world's top national team can enjoy high-quality coaches. Throughout the history of the CBA, the big tigers called this unique, super luxury coach lineup will help in the new old alternant Hongyuan burst out enough combat power and even win, but also helps to achieve three consecutive games in the Tianjin national basketball team in Guangdong province.

The new government took office three fire, as the general manager of the new Tigers basketball superstar Zhu Fangyu CBA, once in office is offering such a generous, it is indeed of Zhu drive and policy prospects sit up and take notice. As we all know, Jonas is recognized as the greatest basketball coach in the history of basketball in Lithuania, has repeatedly won the Lithuania coach of the year and the best coach of the year in europe. Prior to the Lithuania Basketball Association held the 95th anniversary celebration ceremony, Jonas won the undisputed advantages of the best coach in history awards, FIBA FIBA Europe Secretary for the awards came here for. In fact, even in the basketball world, nicknamed the "basketball Kaiser" Jonas is renowned far and wide super marshal.

In the national team, Jonas since 1997 became the coach of the Lithuania men's basketball team, in 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, he led Lithuania to win the bronze medal, in addition to winning the European championship. In 2004 and 2008, he twice helped the Chinese men's basketball team to reach the top eight of the Olympic Games. Since then, he has been invited to be the coach of the Greek men's basketball team, and in the Rio Olympic Games, he has been appointed as the Lithuania man's basketball team commander. In the club, he had led the team for six consecutive years won the Lithuania domestic league, then also coached the Greek giants, Olympia team and the Russian club cska. In 2013 he was an executive coach CBA Guangdong Hongyuan to win, but in the 2014 semi-final battle five field Hongyuan Shougang were eliminated, Jonas also lost.

Jonas was born in 1954, aged 63 years old, is still in the best physical and experience together, so many giants are trying to lobby their back. Previously, the author pointed out that in May 12th had "in the former men's basketball coach Jonas was awarded the Lithuania coach prize in history or invited to teach" CBA of the CBA team has four teams as the target, while in Europe there are three basketball team including CSKA Moscow, and hope Jonas signed a time outside rumors confused.

But for Jonas, the notch in the Rio Olympics, he is more willing to enjoy the happiness of a family union family. Jonas has four lovely grandchildren and grandchildren. He enjoys playing with children very much, so he declined many invitations after the Rio olympics. Now Jonas is determined to get back and signed with the Guangdong tigers, the former disciple of Zhu Fangyu for his kind invitation to become a key factor. In addition, he also sought the advice of old friend Xia song and affirmed it, which made him determined to go to China again.

Jonas was in charge of the national team China period, are quite appreciated for a national champion and all rely on hongyuan. In 2004, when the fashion and rather sentimental Yi Jianlian selected for the Athens Olympic Games is the first list, Jonas arrived, took the coach's duties when the conventions of the later, after the arrival of Harris after the investigation on Jonas's move very highly. Another is Jonas exceptional promotion is Chen Jianghua in 2008, he was in Jonas's strongly insisted only to be conscripted into the national team and eventually become a member of the national team in 2008. In addition, Zhu Fangyu, Du Feng and Shipeng Wang were all reused under the command of Jonas. In normal life, Zhu Fangyu, and Jonas is understood to have been good.

At the beginning of 2013, Hongyuan exploits coach Li Chunjiang had to leave the club, in order to ensure a smooth transition in the club will also coach for righting Du Feng deliberately hired Jonas as the team's executive coach, the final success in 2013 through the Shandong Hongyuan to win. However, since then, Hongyuan began to show weakness, and in recent years the best result is only 2016-17 season finals, but was swept by the Xinjiang team. Now, Du Feng has been drafted into the national team and has been one of the two nations, and he has been unable to take charge of the club and the national games.

In the temporary leave Du Feng case, Zhu Fangyu can choose in the coach is not too big, after all, not to overthrow the reconstruction, Hongyuan dapodali, but steady change, steady lured. In this case, one must choose outstanding ability, high prestige, and on these tigers basketball core players are more familiar with the marshal. In this way, Jonas is undoubtedly the best candidate. So, Zhu Fangyu decided to urge the teacher back, not only for Jonas as manager, but also let the notch in the national games. In view of the Jonas youth players in bold bold appointment, the club also hope that Jonas can lead to make good results at the same time to help the team to deepen the new old alternate work, to train a group of young backbone.

It is through full communication with Zhu Fangyu and with the consent of the Lithuania Basketball Association agreed, Jonas decided to lead the Lithuania national basketball team coach team members together to rush to the rescue of Zhu Fangyu, which also eat a reassurance for the tigers men's basketball team and the entire Guangdong province basketball. Next, the Guangdong provincial basketball team will try their best to hit the three national games at the National Games in Tianjin. The new season will be sitting on the most luxurious CBA Hongyuan in the history of the coach team, the tigers squad of the new replacing the old work such as to further deepen, and they are expected to Xinjiang, Liaoning staged strong soldiers and sturdy horses and even won the team a situation of tripartite confrontation, the early history of the ninth crown.